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Clearing Diet For Everyone

Choose to yourself clearing diet and clean the organism
The Clearing diet assumes the most different variants. The basic advantage of a clearing diet is that it is possible to choose suitable products and do not suffer some days from hunger and do not test psychological loadings absorbing unloved meal. Dairy products are pleasant – use a dairy-sour clearing diet, prefer rice – “sit on” a rice diet. And even by means of a honey melon it is possible to make necessary cleaning.

However it is necessary to remember that at all visible ease and simplicity you translate the organism let for a short while but in a new diet, and reaction can be rather unpredictable. It is not necessary to be surprised to “rough” reactions of intestines or heat-spots pouring out suddenly on the person. Dizziness or weakness attacks can take place. All it is natural, therefore as there is a cleaning process. In an ideal, in the end of a diet the unpleasant phenomena should disappear. During this period it is possible to look after in addition the person and a body but it is not necessary to panic. Also remember: after all the diet clearing is better to spend without appointing appointments and business meetings.

Allow the organism to put things in order and in some days you will awake pleasantly surprised.

Kefir-apple clearing diet: 4 easy days
For achievement of stronger effect procedures of clarification of intestines by means of enemas are assumed.

The first day: the small cleaning enema on an empty stomach, during the day to drink usual kefir of average fat content, on a glass each hour (in total it turns out from 1.5 to 3). If you start to feel feverish and the state of health worsens it is possible to drink a glass of hot tea with honey.

The second day: again an enema, two-liter. During the day to drink apple juice (it is desirable to do it instead of to buy in shop). Even if on a label it is written without preservatives it is not necessary to stop the choice on this product.

Fresh self-made apple juice is necessary to you. To drink it is necessary on a glass in each 2 hours (in total it turns out nearby 1,5). At 5-6 o’clock in the evening it is possible to drink a glass of tea with honey.

The third day: it is authorized to eat vegetables and fruit but without oil addition. To drink juice – carrot and apple, so much how many it would be desirable.

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The fourth day: again vegetables, only now it is possible to add vegetable oil.

It is important to know that an exit from a clearing diet is a special stage which it is necessary to concern with all gravity. Otherwise it will be blow for your organism especially for a liver.

After an exit from the spent clearing diet within four days it is necessary to adhere to sparing food, to vegetables it is possible to add albuminous and carbohydrate dishes but in moderate quantities. You have to eat more vegetables and less fibers and carbohydrates.

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