Cigarettes Won’t Lessen Your Stress.

As you know I’ve got a great number of clients. And almost all of them tell me that they want to give up smoking more than anything in the world but they have one serious obstacle on their way. So they blame various stressful situations for their smoking. It seems to them that they would quit this long ago if only they weren’t exposed to so much stress in their everyday life. But I’d like to inform you that there are good news for you if have the same reason not to give up smoking.

So the main thing is that cigarettes can’t be helpful when you deal with stressful situations. Yes, I can tell this once again, stress can’t be suppressed by cigarettes. To be honest I should confess that when people inhale nicotine this results in a dopamine release. I should inform you that exactly this dopamine is considered to be a happy chemical substance and it can give you a temporary feeling of happiness. But you should also take into consideration that cigarettes contain a great number of other toxic things. It goes without saying that these toxins can bring you any benefits. Moreover in this case your heart has to work harder when pumping blood over the body. You can face many other harmful effects as well.

Perhaps you are likely to argue with me pointing out to the fact that you feel a certain relief from stresses of your everyday life when you smoke cigarettes. And I can explain this. The matter is that nicotine gets straight to the brain making you move away from evident symptoms though they have already started kicking you after the cigarette.

You just believe that cigarettes are able to relieve your stress because many people take it for granted. It goes without saying that this can’t be your fault. Perhaps even your parents might have taught you this. What do you do with your stress when smoking a cigarette? In fact you are just pushing yourself away from a particular situation and giving yourself an opportunity to think and relax. But it’s possible to do this without a cigarette at all.

Sometimes it can be very beneficial for a smoker to know about the fact that indeed cigarettes can’t help him in a stressful situation. So this can make him cease his attempts to relax in such a harmful way. Of course it doesn’t guarantee that this smoker will give it up immediately but any way it will be a great step forward from my point of view. As you know universal ideal remedies aren’t exist. But such things as persistence and will can’t die because they are eternal. I think you’ll give it up if you are persistent enough.

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