Chronic Infections And Very Intensive Training.

Connection between very intensive trainings and immunity reduction was not always obvious to sports medicine, but now absolutely precisely it is known – very intensive trainings lower immunity – ability of an organism to resist to infections.

For this reason, people, who go in for sports, have a dangerous internal enemy – the centers of a chronic infection. Usually there are four of them: caries, chronic tonsillitis – amygdalopathy, a chronic cholecystitis – an inflammation of cholecyst and gastritis.

In the conditions of the intensive trainings these sources of pathogenic microbes can lead to occurrence of intractable diseases of an internals and first of all heart, as trainings are accompanied by the strengthened circulation, the infection “is washed away” from the centers of diseases and begins the destructive travel in an organism, affecting bronchial tubes, lungs, a stomach, kidneys and urinary tracts, you can also feel indigestion. Penetration of an infection into heart and its sedimentation on a cardiac muscle becomes the ending of this sad story.


Let’s begin with prophylaxis. Saliva, and it is well known, has bactericidal action. If we hadn’t it, the person would say goodbye to last tooth already somewhere in 25 years. However, ability to kill pathogenic microorganisms at a saliva doesn’t similar within days. at night it is the lowest, therefore the person necessarily should brush teeth in the evening! Thus it does not exclude a tooth brushing in the mornings, it is also necessarily.

Duration of your manipulations with a toothbrush is extremely important. It is senseless to clean teeth less than 5 minutes! Put watches before yourself, and you will see that usually you spend for a teeth cleaning no more than 1,5-2 minutes.

The second. After each food intake it is necessary to rinse a mouth!

The third. Buy in a drugstore a disinfectant for an oral cavity and take it on trainings with yourself. After each training carefully gargle a mouth with it. Yes, this is a little-known trick for people, who go in for sports.

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Well, now let’s speak about treatment. The modern medicine treats teeth absolutely without serious consequences, however for the majority of us happens the big surprise to learn that a pain does not accompany treatment of teeth in itself. It is painfully, when you treat the ill tooth. However, from occurrence on a tooth of first sign of caries to an inflammation of a tooth nerve passes from half a year till one and a half year. And all this time it is possible to drill a tooth with caries without serious consequences! Usually, we visit the stomatologist because of the strongest pain from the inflamed tooth nerve.

To be insured from the chilling emotions, visit the doctor once during 3-4 months on preventive measures. So, you can reveal caries at an early stage and will cope with it, practically, without a pain.

Remember, for you as for the sportsman, it is the extremely important to liquidate the infection centers in teeth as soon as possible.

Take care of your health and go in for sports!

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