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Choose What You Eat Depending On Your Blood Group.

Does the group of your blood have relation to what you eat? It seems it doesn’t, but as a matter of fact your blood and foods you eat enter to a chemical reaction. Scientists have a theory that connects groups of blood and kind of food, to say in other words: you tell me what group of blood you have and I will tell you what you should eat. Statistics tells us that people with different groups o blood react differently to the same products. There provided to be a certain selectivity of your body towards the eaten foods, and it bases on certain biochemical reactions that can be either broken or vise versa can be increased thanks to having certain elements along with foods.

Such approach to the food process has a great importance in the program of your weight control especially if you combine it with the theory of separate nourishment. Every blood group has its own “group” of products which should be eaten. You also shouldn’t mix lipids, proteins and carbohydrates at the first meal (the theory of separate nourishment).

Separate nourishment combined with the theory of blood groups promises you automatic losing weight, as your body get only those elements that it is able to digest. And this also can not be named as a diet for losing weight, this is just a type of nourishment that allows you to approach consciously to the process of eating.

Products and their degrees of influence on a human body.

The first blood group.
Excellent: meat (except pork), fish, seafoods.
Vegetables and fruits (except sour), pineapples.
Rye bread.
Beverages: green tea, herbal teas of dog rose, ginger, mint, seltzer water.
You should stint yourself in: cereals, especially oatmeal, wheat and wheat products, beans and buckwheat.
Beverages: beer, wine, ox-eye daisy tea and sage tea.
You should avoid: cabbage (but you can eat broccoli), corn and corn products, marinades, ketchup.
Beverages: coffee, strong drinks.

The second blood group.
Excellent: vegetables, dairy or soy-bean products (as substitution of dairy products).
Fruits, pineapples without fail.
Beverages: coffee, green tea, red wine, juices (vegetable and fruit).
You should stint yourself in: sugar.
You should avoid: fish: flatfish, halibut, herring; caviar, seafoods.
Oranges, tangerines, pie plant, papaya, bananas, coconuts.
Beverages: orange juice, black tea, all soda drinks.

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The third blood group.
Excellent: meat, fish, dairy products (skimmed, cultured), eggs, cereals, beans, vegetables, fruits.
You should avoid: chicken, duck, pork meat.
Buckwheat and wheat cereal.
Vegetables: corn, tomatoes, pumpkin, olives.
Beverages: tomato juice, soda drinks.

The fourth blood group.
Excellent: meat (mutton, hare, turkey), fish, dairy products, cereals.
Vegetables and fruits (except harsh and sour).
Beverages: coffee, green tea, ox-eye daisy tea, ginger tea, dog rose tea.
You should stint yourself in: beans.
You should avoid: seafoods.
Cereals: buckwheat and maize.
Vegetables: pepper, black olives.
Beverages: linden tea.

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