Weight Loss

Choose The Right Motivation For Losing Weight.

If you have tried to lose weight for some time, then you probably know how difficult this process can be, and sometimes it is very difficult even to find the right motivation and to save this motivation to lose weight.

You might have a healthy diet program and follow it, but don;t you want just to relax and to eat something delicious after a hard working day? Sometimes you break the rules of your diet program and after that you feel yourself guilty. So, how to save your motivation to lose weight?

1. First of all you have to determine clearly “why” you want to lose weight.

Ask yourself what your main reasons of losing weight are, and then write down your reasons of “why” you want to lose weight. It even would be better to have your own journal of losing weight program. This will be the first day of the program o losing weight.

a) Make your reasons very clear.

b) Talk about yourself in the present time as if it has already happened.

The more clear your reasons are, the more 5real they will be for you. Connect your reasons with your present life, but not with the far future. What do you want now and why exactly you want that?

You must be able to represent your “why?” reasons visually.

For example:
I am losing weight so I have slimmer face, clear and shiny skin.

Instead of: I want to lose weight because I will look better.

My husband/wife can see that I look better, he/she supports me and likes how I look like.

Instead of: I want my husband/wife to notice that I look better.

I look good and I am more confident talking to my boss, and I can see that my boss appreciates the work that I do.

Instead of: if I lose weight, I will be more self-confident.

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Can you see what this “list” gives to you? Setting up more clear reasons you get to your “why?” reasons. The more reasons connect with your present life, the more you are motivated to lose weight and you will start doing that faster.

2. Stay with with people who support your motivation to lose weight.

It is very important to be around people who support your wish to lose weight as this will give you more stimulus.

I am sure you have heard the saying “tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are”

People who you spend time with and surround yourself, influence on your life, decisions and habits very much.

Spend more time with slim and healthy people, and you will see positive results in yourself.

If your five best friends are slim and healthy, and you surround yourself with such people, there are one from two things may happen to you.

1. They either develop your habits in gaining weight
2. Or they influence on you in order you to lose weight and to look like them.

If you are surrounded by “right” people, you subconsciously will be doing the right things to lose weight.

Be sure of people who are around you. Stay with people who support you and are sure that you will get success. Try to avoid people who do not believe in you and try to persuade you, even if these people are your friends or relatives.

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