Choose The Fitness On A Blood Type.

Nowadays there is a large quantity of various fitness directions. Where to go? In what to be engaged? Aerobics, bodybuilding, yoga, pilates, aqua etc. Scientists will help to understand all this variety. They have found out that a blood type depends on how you feel in fitness club.

The first group of the blood. The representatives of this group go on trainings without passing any employment as differ huge purposefulness. Coming to a hall, quickly master all training apparatus and technics of exercises. They born leaders, therefore achieve much. These people believe in own forces, but, at development of new skills on trainings, happen are fussy, they are painfully ambitious, frequently are jealous relatives and colleagues of successes. The advuce: trainings are simply necessary for your organism, differently you will start to be depressed and can type excess weight. To you approach: aerobics, any kind of power trainings, driving on a bicycle.

The second group of the blood. The people in whose veins flows the given blood type are located to command games. They perfectly contact to people, are able to smooth acute angles in relations, are ill not only for themselves but also for others. Simply not hefty friend of a collectivism! Among representatives of the given group there are natures which are inclined to leadership, but in general it is possible to name diligent executors. Therefore to join fitness it is necessary under supervision of the trainer instead of alone. Sports are simply necessary for such people as air as they are not able to relax and trainings perfectly remove stress. The advice: the big stimulus for employment will appear if you will go to sports hall together with the girlfriend or fellow workers. Otherwise you will simply quickly throw all. To you approach: hatha-yoga, swimming, the Chinese gymnastics, exercise on a stretching, fast walking. Forget about kinds of sports which demand the heavy wearisome trainings, full return of forces, rigid rivalry.

The third group of the blood. These people are individualists. In a life and sports they behave not predictedly, arrive as they like. During the responsible moment can bring a command or, on the contrary, to save situation. A good advice is that it is not necessary to accept impulsive decisions. You accept a combination of dynamical exercises. For example, tennis, aerobics, jogging with quieter, say, yoga, the Chinese gymnastics which develops flexibility and a plastic arts.

The fourth group of the blood. They are the counterbalanced and quiet people with a bit slowed down reaction. Kinds of sports which demand lightning reaction do not approach them. But, despite it, representatives of this group move much keeping the good physical shape. A good advice: it is not necessary to be limited to fitness club walls, train in the open air. It is not necessary to suppose reexhaustions. Loading should be enough intensive but moderated.

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