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Cholesterol: Pro And Contra Part 2

There is some data that rising of rigidity lipid membranes (that is, hardness augmentation) is one of the reasons of appreciable depression of activity of many enzymes at tumoral growth. So it is established that leucocytes with the high maintenance of cholesterol and raised thereof micro viscosity differ considerably lowered immune reactance. Some authors assume that to it can be bound and depression of antitumoral activity of leucocytes at oncologic patients.

Cholesterol is necessary for cell fission as a building material. Cholesterol for a children’s organism is especially important. During this period there is an active growth, and there is intensive cell fission.

Therefore children in no event can’t be limited in animal fats (especially in butter). Don’t confuse to an interdiction for the hydrogenated fats, for example margarine.

Restriction of children in qualitative high-grade animal fats is fraught further with a delay as physical and mental development, and also a complex of various diseases.

Thus, cholesterol is necessary, but its excess affects negatively cell functioning. Therefore, coming back to the previous text, I will repeat: not to suppose excess of cholesterol in membranes it is necessary to consume daily enough products, containing an omega-3 and an omega-9 (olive oil).

Cholesterol is the precursor of all steroid hormones which are necessary for normal functioning of an organism.

It is authentically established that addicting cholesterol free diets and especially low fat diets doesn’t result in anything good.

Likely, all sign an image of the malicious, aggressive girl who are keeping to a diet and aspiring to lose weight. She passes to a low-calorie food and first of all from a ration excludes animal fat. But qualitatively to lose weight to it usually is not possible. In an organism in the conditions of the come hunger and stress there is an adaptive reaction. The organism starts to preserve fatty adjournment, burning of already available stocks of fat is thus broken.

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Thus, even if the person also loses weight not at the expense of a fatty tissue, and first of all at the expense of albuminous elements, that is, muscles which start to thaw literally.

Loss of muscular mass, instead of fatty is aggravated also to that people who wishing to lose weight in the aspiration as much as possible lower quantity of fat in a ration and limit themselves in fibers and then carbohydrates become the basic nutritious element.

For example, people who wishing to exclude animal fat cease to eat meat, after all it is a fat product. Some refuse from even eggs. But thereby they lose some necessary fiber that is essential for construction of a muscular tissue, enzymes.

The diet with absence of fats leads to brutal appetite. After all fats not only improve taste of nutrition, but also provide long feeling of saturation as they are digested and soaked up more slowly other alimentary substances. At fat free diets the person besides starts to consume nutrition with the raised maintenance of carbohydrates that conducts to excess of calories which quickly turn to fatty adjournment.

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