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Cholesterol: Pro And Contra Part 1

Unlike phytogenesis fats, in animal fats the sated fat acids prevail. Fat is called as sated when the carbon molecule of fat acid is completely covered by atoms of hydrogen that is, sated by atoms of hydrogen.

The sated fats usually firm. Animal fat concerns them: beef, pork, mutton, fat of a bird, milk fat (butter, fat in cream, in cheese, etc.).

Speaking about animal fats, for certain, first of all everyone remembers cholesterol. By means of mass media people are intimidated by cholesterol and consider as its enemy No 1. Let’s clear up this question. Our organism receives cholesterol in two ways.

1. From products of an animal parentage (in plants and vegetable oils cholesterol isn’t present).

2. Synthesizes independently in a liver. Except a liver in a small amount cholesterol can be synthesized in intestine and skin cells.

Moreover, the organism synthesizes 2/3 daily requirements of cholesterol, and only 1/3 we receive with nutrition.

In an organism cholesterol carries out a series of important functions.

It is necessary for construction of cellular membranes of all without an exception of cells of an organism, for a bilification, synthesis of vitamin D and steroid hormones – hormones of a cortex of adrenals and sexual hormones is a structural component of myelin covers of nerves. Without cholesterol the organism simply couldn’t exist.

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Cholesterol, as well as polynonsaturated fat acids, is an integral part of membranes of cells. It stiffens membranes and durability. When in a membrane many polynonsaturated fat acids (especially an omega-3), it is very good. They do a membrane softer, fluid, plastic, and sensitive.

But the membrane can’t be absolutely soft because the double lipid layer is also a skeleton for various fibers. Therefore as a part of all membranes necessarily there is a cholesterol quantity.

As cholesterol gives to membranes opposite properties in comparison with polynonsaturated fat acids the parity cholesterol / polynonsaturated fat acids all the same should be in favor of the last.

It is noticed that with the years a parity of cholesterol / polynonsaturated fat acids is enlarged in favor of cholesterol, as a result the membrane becomes firm. According to some researchers, it is one of the reasons why with the years a cell all starts to react to hormonal and other stimulus is worse. That is, it is possible to tell that cholesterol accumulation is an indicator and-or one of the reasons of aging of membranes.

Being a component of membranes of all cells, cholesterol unlike an omega-3 and an omega-6 of polynonsaturated fat acids, possesses other properties. Cholesterol as I have already told, on the contrary raises micro viscosity of membranes. Rising of micro viscosity of membranes of cells reduces activity of enzymes, reduces permeability of membranes, changes receptor activity of a membrane and its interaction with various biologically active substances.

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