Weight Loss

Choice Of A Safe Diet

The question about the necessity of not only effective but also safe diets arises not casually. And the first doctor sound alarm is the matter that many diets are far from norms of eutrophy for the healthy adult. Their imbalance, scarcity useful nutrients leads to that the organism receives less major elements for its ability to live and starts to suffer from metabolism infringement.

It is clear that women would like to return in the prompt image the maiden outlines of a figure and fine appearance but it is impossible to lose health in any way because of it, therefore we will make it a rule that the diet, first of all, should be safe.

First, if you suffer any illness the safe diet should be necessarily coordinated with the attending physician in order there will be no aggravation of disease or deterioration. For example, if there is a disease of kidneys diets with big quantities of fiber will lead to that the body won’t consult with the work. Digestive problems shouldn’t be provoked a diet with crude and boiled vegetables. And it is not necessary to sit down on frank hunger-strike as some try to make it – if the quantity of calories will be below a physiological minimum very important bodies will start to suffer from loss of water, muscular weight, reduction of weight of bones instead of superfluous fat which you would like to leave. Therefore the safe diet should provide you with a necessary minimum of calories that all vital processes proceeded optimum.

The following moment of a choice of a safe diet is quantity of the basic nutrients in it – fibers, carbohydrates, fats. The quantity of fibers in a diet shouldn’t be less than 20-30 gramme a day that own fibers didn’t suffer. Fats also should arrive, though in considerably reduced quantity, they are also necessary for a metabolism, therefore, please eat 10-30 gramme in day. And one more important indicator is quantity of carbohydrates. It should be above 80 gramme a day. Lower values can cause the phenomena of a hypoglycemia shown by faints, in more mild cases – dizziness and weakness.

Besides, the lack of carbohydrates of food is shown by fast fatigue, mood decrease, up to development of the depressive and neurotic conditions, the raised disintegration of fiber and first of all the mobile fibers answer in particular for formation and maintenance of immunity. But deficiency of calories all the same should be in order splitting of the collected fat has gone.

The safe diet will provide with that end in view reduction of caloric content by 500-600 kcal less than value demanded to the healthy person. It is possible to go and some other way having increased the expense of calories at the expense of physical activity.

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