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Chocolate Diet. We Grow Thin Eating Chocolates!

As often our intentions to begin new life «since Monday» break about lovely female weakness — impossibility to live without the sweet. The cruel conditions of diets strictly forbidding all flour and sweet cause sacred horror. As a result not all who would like to get rid of hated excess weight dare at such serious psychological tests as a kefiric or rice diet. The chocolate diet is an optimum exit for those who doesn’t want even to leave per day a favourite delicacy and at the same time with melancholy dreams to get rid at least of a couple of superfluous kgs.

You will be surprised but a chocolate diet isn’t simple, it is based on chocolate, the most useful product which stimulates cogitative and creative processes, cheers up, raises immunity and helps at an anemia. The chocolate diet was brought into fashion by the Mediterranean dieticians in the nineties the last century, and at one time it was very popular. However, despite so tempting name, the chocolate diet is one of the heaviest and rigid, therefore interest to it has quickly gone on recession.

To remember diet rules is simply. In day it is possible to use no more than 3 chocolates, and is better 2, or 100 gram of chocolate. It is authorized to drink instant coffee — tasteless, unsweetened, with fat-free 1 %-s’ milk — but not less than 5 cups.

The chocolate diet assumes a free diet, that is the chocolate you can eat at one go and can stretch in regular intervals for all day washing down each food intake — if only it is possible to name a chocolate slice food — a cup of hot coffee. After meal it is necessary to suffer an hour three, and only after that it is authorized to drink water, black or green tea. The juice aerated and alcoholic drinks categorically aren’t recommended. Salt, vegetables, fruit, meat — in general, everything, except chocolate and coffee are excluded also.

Caloric content of dairy and bitter chocolate slightly differs and fluctuates around 540-545 Kcal, additives in the form of raisin, nuts, cookies do chocolate hardly by more high-calorie, for a diet it not a hindrance. As a part of white chocolate there is no cocoa-oil, therefore for a diet it doesn’t approach, no less than chocolate for diabetics where instead of sugar use its substitutes.

Dieticians and instructors in fitness advise such diet when superfluous kgs, for example, before solemn action are necessary to lose quickly some. Optimum duration of a diet — 5-7 days, in this time it is quite possible to dump 6-7 kgs. And the first notable results appear for the third day, by this time 3-4 superfluous kgs leave. Basically, the effect is reached at the expense of refusal of salt and a conclusion of a superfluous liquid, after all coffee strongly dehydrates an organism. Chocolate supports glucose level in blood and keeps high-grade functioning of a brain.

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