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Endorphines are hormones of pleasure, their level in our organism increases by the use of some kinds of products. Most of all pleasure of hormones raise after the use of chocolate, white wine and also bananas. It certainly is not absolutely dietary products but advantage for mood from them is rather appreciable.

The pleasure is brought also by products which have dark green color, it is a broccoli, spinach and an asparagus. Orange products, such as orange or carrot juice will immediately raise mood. The dishes rich with fiber (seafood, milk, eggs) are irreplaceable assistants to good state of health and positive mood. In Great Britain for quite some time now there was a special movement mood food. This movement is based on the big use in a diet of the products raising mood. Try to adhere to such menu at least some days and you necessarily will notice improvements of your mood and also receive a charge of positive energy and happiness.

In spite of the fact that you keep to a diet and consider superfluous kgs, don’t forget to indulge yourself pleasure.

Here some principles of a cheerful diet:

– Never refuse a dessert, start up a little, but it is necessary to try. For example, dates in which hundred grams 2890 kcal contain only can become an excellent dessert during a diet and the feeling of satisfaction will necessarily come.

– Don’t forget about spices which are perfect but are capable to raise immunity and also to improve mood. Karri, a nutmeg, a carnation are especially good in this business.
– When mood is not the most positive and optimistical prepare for yourself a cup of hot chocolate and you will become cheerful at once.

Remember that the good company is a pledge of excellent mood. And in the amicable company it is possible to drink hot mulled wine with spices.

The approximate menu of a cheerful diet for one day:

Breakfast – the flavored tea (add in it vanilla, a coco), one banana with grated chocolate.

Dinner – a piece of low-fat meat with vegetable salad into which carrots, and also a celery enter necessarily.

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Mid-morning snack – fruit salad with wood berries, a small piece of bitter chocolate.

Supper – fresh salad from avocado and tomatoes with various grasses, some slices of cheese and a glass of good wine.
It is no important what remarkable diet is added to the arsenal if you cease to adhere to it in some days or weeks, if this way from soft and long. Many from a way to the good purpose are forced down not by small efficiency and the big laziness.

How to force yourself to adhere to a diet? Where to take and how to clamp it in the fist that it hasn’t escaped again?

It is necessary to take only into consideration some facts. To learn by heart and regularly to re-read.

1. To break a diet now means to begin all anew. I don’t presume to live life sometimes — time has left.
2. If I don’t sing not to happen anything terrible: I won’t have withdrawal pains, there will be no hungry faints, diseases, nervous breakdowns, in general, anything negative won’t occur. Am I really afraid to eat?
3. If I of flood plains there will be nothing good: I won’t become happier, I will not become more beautiful, more healthy, quieter, kinder, cleverer. What for at present I need to eat?
4. I am capable to adhere to a diet, also as well as other elementary things accessible to usual people.

It is really surprising that nowadays we live in the world where information quickly enhances the quality of our life. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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