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Fitness Or Sex: We Combine Business With Pleasure

Sex and fitness are concepts of something relatives and to some extent closely connected. Meticulous scientists do not try to find out first ten years how physical activities influence the modern person living in an atmosphere of constant works involving all hands-on work, “dirty” environment and an improper feeding. By practical consideration, they have establishedContinue Reading “Fitness Or Sex: We Combine Business With Pleasure”

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Swimming for Six Pack Abs

Swimming helped Olympians such as Dara Torres, Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps develop enviable defined abs — and you might wonder how you can use your time in the pool to achieve such a physique. Although these swimmers cover dozens of miles in the water weekly, their dry-land training also contributes to a svelte six-packContinue Reading “Swimming for Six Pack Abs”

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Swimming and Running – Match made in Heaven?

Swimming and running compliment each other in so many ways it really should have been clear to me earlier on that paring the two was going to be very beneficial. Lets look at some of the ways that swimming and running work together to provide maximum results. Impact: Let’s face it, running is a high impactContinue Reading “Swimming and Running – Match made in Heaven?”

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Run to Swim, Swim to Run

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes far beyond daily exercise. It is a routine, a culture that demands a balanced diet and psychological stabilization in addition to physical workouts. Unfortunately, many people today overwork and damage their muscles by working out too frequently or by doing a repetitive task at work without taking a break. A well-studied wayContinue Reading “Run to Swim, Swim to Run”

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Returning to exercise after an injury

The key for a successful return to running is allowing the soft tissues to have the chance to adapt. One of the most common frustrations for any experienced runner is making a successful return to running after being sidelined with an injury. Even for a fairly efficient runner, the act of running puts considerable stressContinue Reading “Returning to exercise after an injury”