Cardiostriptease – Fitness Without Complexes?

“Strip-dance” is not only erotic dance. It is small performance. This is art to present yourself and to undress beautiful.

The striptease is translated as “to be bared, seducing, teasing”.

This dancing direction was born in the beginning of the last century in entertaining institutions where aesthetes could glance at least on forbidden at that time a fruit – the bared fine female body.

In the beginning of the XX-th century the woman has been extremely enslaved in the dresses. Their dress reminded the single chamber, and uncountable subjects of underwear became a barrier to impracticable “storm”. It has been tightened in the huge corset clamping it from shoulders to hips, over a corset the long shirt, and then still drawers and some petticoats put on. The more clothes were on a female body, the more attractive there was a process of clearing of this “an infinite bulb”. Difficult process of “bulb clearing” gradually turns to art.

There are new frivolous magazines allowing in detail and with pleasure to study female underwear.
Today the professional striptease is really beautiful dance with elements of erotic. Professional dancers are capable to light the spectator without undressing at all. The main thing is an image. And in this question all depends on riches of imagination of the choreographer, the director of action and the actor.

The striptease has come to Ukraine in the beginning of 90th of the XX-th century and was in a short space of time allocated in an independent genre of erotic art with the professional executors and directors.

For operating dancers personal lessons courses or employment in studio is an opening of new creative horizons, plasticity training, work on acrobatic elements. For beginners “from street” it is possibility to open the body from within to become more free in movements. Mastering by art of an erotic plasticity is capable to bring freshness in relations with the favourite person. After all, as they say, all age is obedient to a striptease.

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Fitness is not only exhausting trainings, but also employment in pleasure which is possible and is necessary to increase and diversify.
Cardiostriptease concerns the category of dancing aerobics which unites in itself a classical, jazz, modern choreography, stretching and plastic.

The word part “cardio-” is applicable to all trainings where loadings throughout a certain interval of time force to work more actively cardiovascular system. Cardiostriptease unites two versions of movements. To dynamical exercises – to moves feet, to inclinations, turns – add smooth and erotic dancing movements. Such combination allows to achieve excellent result. In a class format – development of a plasticity, an erotic and scenic image, formation of scenic image. After visiting of employment of strip-plastic you learn to dance harmoniously, to undress beautifully, and also sensually to carry any, even the common clothes.

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