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Can You Fight With Superfluous Kgs At Office?

There is such concept as the corporate standard which includes corresponding appearance (a business suit, a white shirt and so forth), good manners and … the monitor screen. Today the majority of people coming to office all 8 working hours sit in front of the computer. Physical activity of office workers, as a rule, is insignificant, movements by a mouse is difficult to call the exercises. Results are unfavourable: calories arrive in an organism more than enough, power consumption is minimum thus and as consequence the excess weight sticking out stomachs and roundish buttocks. The number of offices-managers constantly grows and together with it the quantity of people with superfluous weight of a body grows also. It is the fact. Excess weight of office workers is result not only of absence of physical activity. Here are still some moments capable to lead to occurrence of unnecessary kgs.

Artificial illumination

In the majority of office premises artificial illumination is constantly used. It can cause level decrease of a hormone developed by a brain. This substance is frequent name a happiness hormone. It is the chemical transmitter of impulses from one neuron of a brain to another. It is responsible for emotions, mood, dream. Prevalence of artificial illumination and constant blinking of the monitor interfere with synthesis of the hormone. The lack of this substance can become the reason of occurrence of differences of mood, headaches, problems with a dream. Besides, the lack of it provokes an overeating therefore unnecessary kgs are formed.

Constant nervous tension

The mad rhythm of life and constant stresses leave the print on our appearance. The situation when you are in depression and affairs become more and more worse is familiar to a lot of people. All it inevitably involves an incessant nervous tension. The stress leads to development of a hormone of a cortisol and it is at the bottom of loss of muscular weight and occurrence of superfluous fatty adjournment.

It is known that many aspire to jam stress and use for this purpose sweets. Such attempt to stimulate development of a happiness hormone in most cases turns around in superfluous kgs.

Impossibility to realize talents

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Everyone has the talent but to open it is not so simply. Frequently young experts possess both sufficient knowledge and aspiration to make good career but encounter misunderstanding and sometimes even on counteraction from a direct management. If there is no possibility to open the potential and to realize yourself you can feel emptiness in a soul which many fill with meal that is immediately reflected in a waist grasp.

After day of work it is not enough the pedestrian walk. For inhabitants of big cities necessary duration of a night dream makes 8 hours. In this time the organism completely restores the functions. Besides, during the day the brain processes considerable volumes of the information and even in the evening many continue to think of work. The cargo of responsibility lying on shoulders of office worker doesn’t allow to relax and be disconnected from experiences even at night. Therefore often problem is not in reaching a bed and in falling asleep. Dieticians agree that for weight loss besides a diet and physical activities is important to normalize the dream.

It is really surprising that right now we live in the world where knowledge makes life easier. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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