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Can You Eat In Restaurants Trying To Lose Weight?

There is a common opinion that restaurant foods do not promote weight loss and that’s why you can not go to restaurants if you keep a diet. Actually this is not true. Although it is much more difficult to limit yourself in a restaurant than at home or another calm surrounding. The deal is in temptations that are around you from all the sides: waiters recommend you to try different dishes, beautiful names in a menu please your eyes and there are people around you who eat delicious foods with appetite. The air is full of delicious smells. These minds and stimulus make you break your diet eating much more but not a visit of restaurant itself.

But you must limit yourself in a restaurant too if you want to lose weight. First of all calculate approximate amount calories of the offered dishes (it also can be shown in a menu). This is not very difficult actually, look through a table of calorie content of different products and choose a dish that contains the least amount of calories. A waiter may help you with that too. It would be a good choice to order a piece of lean meat baked or grilled with fresh or steamed vegetables.

It would be better to refuse from bread, butter, fatty gravies and high-calorie garnish such like fried potato. Avoid fatty dishes, do not order anything baked in pastry or in frying fat, these dishes contain too much fat. Choosing a beverage give your preference to water or low-calorie dry wine. And at last refuse from dessert or choose low-calorie dessert, fresh fruits for example.

Traditional restaurants often offer vegetable salads, seafoods and grilled meat as snacks, this is an excellent choice for a person who is keeping a diet. If you are an admirer of national cuisines then choose a Japanese restaurant. Sushi is a delicious and nourishing dish that contains not much calories along with added dressings. Actually national cuisines can be unpredictable. For example if you have come to an Indian restaurant you will have to find out a contain of every dish at a waiter or to rely on your own intuition. Cuisines of north nations are usually high-calorie.

A pizza store is not the best place for those who keep diet. Nevertheless you can please yourself with a small piece of pizza made of thin pastry and with low-fat ingredients. As a rule a vegetarian pizza is less-calorie than other kinds. Actually it is better to avoid fast foods if you are keeping a diet. But if you “find” yourself in such a place than eat a standard sandwich (hamburger or cheeseburger, it is about 300 calories) with a cup of coffee or tea without sugar.

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