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Can PMS Result In Weight Gain?

Nowadays it seems that the most burning issue for all women in the world is weight loss and the core of obesity, of course. I must admit that weight loss has always been a current problem for both men and women. However, it should be mentioned that women are more worried about this problem and this is a natural feeling, because we are more likely to gain weight in a quick manner than men do. It is true that even our monthly flow leads to the considerable weight gain. Besides, if you are suffering from symptoms of PMS, which is natural for the majority of females, you can undergo some hormonal changes. This leads in most cases to food cravings. It is worth as well to speak about another issue which is called bloating. Have you ever noticed that you cannot fit into your skinny jeans during this period of the month? However, as soon as this time is finished, you again can wear everything you want to. Of course, you cannot gain much weight just because of the hormonal food cravings, but still this problem needs to be discussed. But if you notice that you have gained few pounds during your monthly flow, there are some tips that are going to make you a good turn in solving the problem.

Cut back on junk foods and fast foods

The thing is that all this food is full of salt and other species which is not that good for your shapes as well as for health. As a rule, when you consume lot of fast food and processed food, you are likely to experience too high water retention during the period of your flow. In most cases it is uncomfortable bloating.

Consume fibrous food

It is better if you get carbs from vegetables and fruits. Thanks to this strategy you can hardly experience bloating and can easy overcome PMS symptoms. In addition, many doctors claim that eating carrots during this period of the month is able to diminish back ache and to reduce muscle cramps. Frankly speaking, I have not tried it myself, but I think that it is still worth. What do you think?

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Exercise a lot

I can state that I am sure that exercises are able to lessen the pain during this period of the month and just improve your general well-being. That is why it was scientifically that you should exercise on a daily basis, no matter whether you have your period or not. Besides, you must do your cardiovascular exercises such as jogging and walking. Cycling is good for both your health and entertainment. First of all it has a positive effect on your veins, owing to the fact that it prevents you from standing. Of course, it brings more fun than you used to get from other kinds of entertainment.

Have you ever heard that you might be heading in the wrong way with your weight loss plans. If you want to lose weight fast – then this weight loss knowledge can can become a catalyst.

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