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Burn Fat Faster With Resistance Training

Resistance training is a program designed to burn fats and calories affectively. It also works on melting inches and building muscles. It needs just 20 minutes a day that too for just 3 times a week to be efficient.

More calories are burnt and muscles mass is increased by resistance training simply due to increase in our metabolic process. It utilizes the fact that every new muscle burns 50 calories per day. This might sound very less but when all muscles put together, the figure becomes a lot more impressive. Resistance training will also make you take more oxygen. More fats are burned and the rate of weight loss is enhanced because of more oxygen.

Resistance exercises are not as chosen as cardio exercises. But the best result can be achieved by mixing the two. Many people take it to be wastage of time initially. This happens because body takes time to adjust to this new program which means only muscle build up initially. Your clothes will fit you better in the beginning along with positive changes in your hips,thighs and waist. Results might not be instant hence you would have to be patient.

If you want your resistance training to be effective, seek the advice of a professional. He will be of genuine help in the beginning and also to sustain. One day breaks would be a part of this program to give your muscles time for rest and repair.

This training starts with warm up and ends with stretching. Your body will be prepared for this program this way and also become more flexible. Best results will be obtained with slow and rythmin movements. That will almost make it more fun to do. When you start improving, increase weights gradually and visualize the muscle you are training. Your metabolism will be enhanced and fat will be burnt faster if resistance training is done well. Remember, quality is better than quantity.

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