Build Muscle Without Weights

How to construct muscle without weights is all about planning your exercise and fatiguing you’re the muscle group you might be training by using shorter durations of rest between exercises, a bit like tremendous setting but with out the weights.

There is not one part of my body I cannot get a good workout on without weights, from my legs to my forearms I can get the same effect as I do when I am within the gym weight training.

The only types of equipment I use are a chin-up bar and a set of chairs, simply from these two issues i can get a full physique workout.

As I said at the beginning the art to building muscle without weights is to maintain the intensity, this which means keep the remainder between the exercises short or even no rest at all.

Also in every workout perform the exercise as gradual as you may keeping tremendous good kind and concentrating on the muscle group you might be workingout on, this will hit the muscle fibbers to their fullest, don’t go to slow just slow sufficient to make the exercise hard to perform.

In every exercise be sure to are squeezing the muscle you are working on on the top of every movement and stretching the muscle at the bottom, also in case you are resting between units stretch the muscles in-between as well.

Here is an instance workout for the chest and again muscles.

I like to start with chest as this additionally works the back, triceps and shoulder muscle tissues as well.

Upper chest and center back.

Putting your ft onto a chair and protecting your body straight together with your hands shoulders width apart, slowly lower yourself to the floor hold for a second and squeeze your chest as a lot as you can you are able to do this by trying to tug your fingers together, don’t truly pull your hand together but just enough to get the squeeze within the chest muscles. Push your self back to the highest and start again attempt to perform a minimum of 12-15 reps, when you’ve got trouble performing this form of push up then put your feet onto a mattress this will can help you put extra of your legs onto the bed making the train easier, this works for any push up motion by bringing your legs nearer to your physique or kneeling on the bottom to take the weight off.

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After performing one set go straight to the chi up bar and with a medium grip rep out 12-15 reps if you happen to find chin-ups to hard at first put a chair below your toes and help yourself up and down by pushing your toes on the chair.

Middle chest and outer back.

After the chin-ups go straight back to the push ups proceed this going forwards and backwards from the push ups to the chins for not less than 4 sets.

Lower chest and interior back.

Next perform push ups along with your feet on the floor using the identical techniques as before then taking an in depth grip on the chin up bar so your palms are about four inches apart, carry out these workout routines for 3-4 sets with 10-12 reps per exercise.

Next placing your arms onto two chairs carry out the final set of chest workouts then on the chin up bar taking extensive grip so your fingers are past your shoulders.

By workingout these two muscle teams together one can find that the push ups assist fatigue the back and the chin-ups stretch and fatigue the chest, relying how advanced you are you’ll be able to increase the variety of sets for each exercises additionally continue with working out on the shoulders and triceps in the identical workout, I would perform this at least twice per week or as quickly as my muscle tissue have totally recovered.

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