Build A Bigger Chest In 3 4 Workouts Or Less

If your pecs are a weak body part, or, if you’ve merely hit a progress plateau in your chest development, then this excessive intensity chest coaching program will pack slabs of muscle mass in your chest after just 3-4 exercises – and I guarantee it. This is a high intensity bodybuilding exercise for advanced bodybuilders only. (Beginners don’t even think about it…)

I’m currently on exercise 3 of 4 in this pec routine and the results have been so spectacular that I resolve to write it up for you before I even finish the ultimate workout next week.
Considering I’m on a calorie deficit in a slicing phase, I’m particularly impressed with the increase in my chest measurement and growth after three workouts. You’re not going to achieve much if any muscular physique weight if you’re in a caloric deficit, however NO DOUBT, you’ll be able to improve the event of a muscle group even whereas cutting up. This is an ideal example. I’m going to return to this program again for positive on my next mass phase. This program is called…

Multi-Angular Rest Pause With Pump Finisher

Here’s the way it works. You choose two exercises. For train one (the most important course), I selected a basic pec mass exercise that can be done at any angle from steep incline to flat bench. Thats the first exercise you stick with for all four workouts. Incline Dumbbell Press was the natural choice. I arrange on a completely adjustable bench that allows multiple angles of incline.

For exercise two (dessert), I chose an isolation exercise for a pump finisher, and it changes with each workout.

Here’s the sequence:

A1 Incline Dumbbell Press – steep incline – about 65-70 degrees
6 reps
rest 10 seconds

A2 Incline Dumbbell Press – medium (regular) incline – about forty five degress
6 reps
10 seconds

A3 Incline Dumbbell Press – low incline – about 20-25 levels
6 reps
10 seconds rest

A4 Dumbbell Press – flat bench
6 reps

Now relaxation 2 – three minutes.

That’s one “set.” Technically of course, that’s FOUR SETS, executed in relaxation pause fashion, so lets call it one “round” for clarity’s sake.

Yes… that was spherical ONE. Now do it two more times.

Note: It helps a lot you probably have a coaching partner change the bench angle so you can stay seated and preserve the dumbbells in your hands. Doing it alone is sluggish and cumbersome.

For poundage, youre going to need to go MUCH lighter than usual. Although I do not train heavy pecs anymore, final time I did, I was doing 6 reps with 125s on the incline. So for this program I took about 50-60% of that; 70 lbs on exercise 1, seventy five lbs on workout 2,and eighty lbs on workout 3. On the last one, I needed to drop to the 75s to complete all three rounds and even then I needed some pressured reps towards the end.

You may need to decrease the load on the 2nd or third round, but when at all humanly possible, do NOT reduce the burden during every round. Doing all four angles at the same poundage is the entire idea.

What might happen, especially in the event you even barely overestimated your starting poundage, is that reps may drop with every angle change inside a round. First angle – 6 reps is easy. second angle, just a little harder, but still no problem. Third angle, you might only squeeze out 5 reps or hit trustworthy failure on the 6th rep. 4th angle (flat), you may hit total failure on the 4th or 5th rep.

Now that is also where a coaching partner comes in. This routine shouldn’t be attempted and not using a spotter. Sorry, but you are a dork for those who try to do that without a spotter. This program causes HONEST muscle failure (I’ll clarify that in more detail shortly), so you want the spotter for safety, however moreover, you will need a spotter’s assistance to complete forced reps, at least on the ultimate round or two, if not the primary round. In general, compelled reps shouldn’t be overused, however they play an important part of this program.

Ok, where have been we? Oh yeah, you simply finished your 3rd round. You is likely to be finished! Yeah. some people might be DONE, KAPUT, ZONKED, BONKED, NUKED, GAME OVER, after 3 rounds of that (think about it – that was 12 sets, disguised as three sets!) However, for those who want the complete course…. come with me and lets finish off those pecs with the pump (oh, you thought were already pumped… heh.. just wait…you’ll see what a pump is!)

The second exercise (exercise B) goes to be an isolation exercise.. ie., DB flye, cable crossover, machine flye (pec deck), etc., and you’ll perform 20-25 reps, non stop in piston-like fashion. use a gentle quick tempo, but not so fast that you just use momentum.

This isolation /pump train will change with every workout:

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B1 Workout 1: standing cable crossover
2-3 sets, 20-25 reps

B1 Workout 2: machine flye or pec deck
2-3 sets, 20-25 reps

B1 Workout 3: decline dumbbell flye
2-3 sets 20-25 reps

B1 Workout 4: flat bench cable flyes in cable crossover machine
2-3 sets, 20-25 reps

That’s it! That’s the entire program. Three rounds of multi-angular rest pause, then end your exercise with 2-3 units of 25 reps on a pumping, isolation movement.

This routine is performed within a regular bodybuilding type of split, so it must be done once in 5-7 days, no more. You would in all probability do one other body part after chest,such as biceps or triceps, depending on how you organize your cut up routine.

I would advocate advanced bodybuilders use this program a couple times a yr if and when they need a boost in chest development. This is not the type of program you’ll use all of the time. You would burn out and overtrain.

There’s another very important part of this routine – progression.

On the Incline Dumbbell Presses, you will increase the poundage with every workout. Keep in mind, you will be unable to complete all three rounds at all four angles for six unassisted reps. Its going to get harder each time, at the same time as you get stronger. You may have to make use of a spotter more with every progressing workout. You may additionally find that on exercise 1 or exercise 2, you may complete all three rounds with the same dumbbells, however on exercise 3, by the 2nd or 3rd round, you need to drop the load or you’ll barely be getting 2 or three reps.

Now let me re-emphasize the importance of a spotter. Theres one thing thats going to happen when you do that routine that does not happen often. You will hit what my training partner and I name “HONEST FAILURE.” This implies that your muscles actually fail, or give out right underneath you. Mind you, this is not something you would normally aim for, but that’s just the nature of this program and this is only a 4-workout excessive intensity “shock” kind of routine.

When I say your muscle tissues will give out, I imply that literally. On the final rep or two of third or 4th angle, of the 2nd or third round, your arms could literally buckle underneath you. That’s trustworthy failure.

You see, there are several types of failure… First there may be “sissy failure”.. that’s when there is a lactic acid burn or a fatigue in the muscle (you’re tired) and because it hurts or youre tired, that causes you to stop. Thats sissy failure (sarcasm).

Then you have got positive failure. This is where you possibly can no longer push the load up in a concentric motion, but you might be still able to lower the load and exert an upward force against the weight. For example, you’re bench pressing and also you hit the “sticking point,” but you’re holding that bar at the sticking level (its not coming again down), and you’re still exerting drive to push the bar upward, however the bar simply is not moving up!

Then you will have honest failure. This is where the muscle merely gives out.. it buckles. you’ve gotten reached concentric and eccentric failure. This kind of failiure isn’t discussed. In truth I don’t recall anybody ever writing about it apart from Arthur Jones and Ellington darden and the rest of the High Intensity Training (HIT) camp.

Rarely does any bodybuilder tread in this territory, and for good reason, as it’s really not obligatory and can be dangerous for anyone but a veteran who is aware of what the heck he’s doing – and all of the kidding apart for a moment, Im serious about this. Its no joke in case your chest and arms give out from underneath you and also you dump a 70 or eighty pound dumbbell in your face. (you do like your teeth, don’t you?)

However, as a way you use on rare occasion for a shock routine that breaks through progress plateaus, that untrodden territory is there… for those who dare. There is something about this particular program (multi angular relaxation pause) that takes you there. You’ve been warned! Train hard, but be safe!

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Now, go out there and get jacked!

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