BRAVADA International Launches BravadaWomen.com An Online Shopping Mall Dedicated To Practical And Affordable Women’s Yoga, Health, Fitness And Exercise

BRAVADA International, a company specializing in women’s health, fitness and activewear, officially launched BravadaWomen.com, an online shopping mall dedicated to women’s yoga, health, fitness and exercise BravadaWomen.com offers women health and fitness products that are both affordable and practical to the lifestyle of today’s average woman. The product mix includes BRAVADA’s Muscle Flex VATA Brasil Women’s Gym and Workout wear Collection endorsed by Kim Kardashian, women’s swimwear, practical and affordable exercise machines and fitness products, health and fitness books and a number of other women’s orientated health, fitness and lifestyle products. BRAVADA is also adding hundreds of additional products to its BravadaWomen.com’s online product mix and also provides helpful and relevant women’s health and fitness information. BravadaWomen.com will continue to add health and fitness products at a price that is affordable and is practical to today’s busy lifestyles. BravadaWomen.com currently has over 500 different products it offers and is growing each day.

BRAVADA recently officially released its MuscleFlexVATA.com, an online shopping mall for its Muscle Flex VATA Brasil Women’s Athletic and Yoga inspired sportswear collection. BRAVADA partnered with Kim Kardashian to endorse and promote the women’s activewear line which includes workout yoga shorts and pants. One of the great things about BravadaWomen.com is that BRAVADA is offerring all of its women’s health and fitness products all in one online shopping mall in addition to its high performance women’s sports and yoga garment. The launch of BravadaWomen.com follows the very successful BRAVADA International launch party in Los Angeles hosted by TV Starlet Kim Kardashian. BRAVADA created significant media buzz with the high profile BRAVADA International launch party which occurred on April 7, 2010 with Kim Kardashian hosting. The BRAVADA launch party was also attended by Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner as well as other film and TV celebrities.

Women need affordable , high quality and genuine health and fitness ideas and this is exactly what Bravadawomen.com provides. With a marketplace filled with a deluge of online retailers selling a confusing array of over-priced fitness gadgets, exercise machines and women’s athletic wear, BRAVADA International genuinely offers quality women’s health and fitness products that the average woman can afford. Even more impressive, BRAVADA offers a 30-day return guarantee on all of its products on BravadaWomen.com. This is a fantastic corporate policy that endures trust and confidence in buying products from BRAVADA.

It seems that a lot of online retailers focus on sheer quantity of exercise and fitness ideas as opposed to offering a good selection of affordable, proven effective and practical health and fitness ideas. With some sites you have to go through pages and pages of what can easily be described as junk just to find one or two nice fitness ideas. It is nice to see a site like BravadaWomen.com that offers great products at a great price without drowning you in pages and pages of options. It should be up to the online retailer to find quality and affordable fitness ideas, test them and then be selective on what they offer. This is the obvious case with BravadaWomen.com. It is a refreshing change from the confusing world of online female health and fitness!!

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