BOSU – A New Kind Of Fitness

The new kind of fitness bosu has received the name in honour of an amusing training apparatus bosu balance trainer, similar on a half to a rubber ball. The simple training apparatus can be used from both parties: a hemisphere upwards or downwards. Exercises on an unstable surface are much more effective than usual power employment as, carrying out this or that movement, you should also keep balance, using small muscles-stabilizers. To master bosu, any preliminary preparation is not required. However the training apparatus unusual, therefore starting employment is given to beginners hardly.

However, already on the second-third training you will feel quite confidently and will start to take pleasure together with advantage.
Bosu in something reminds step-aerobics. Many similar exercises, but there are no difficult choreographic combinations, after all it is necessary to put additional efforts not to fall. Usually the trainer is guided by age and level of readiness of participants. For example, programs for beginners, people of mature age or those who has problems with joints, do not join difficult movements and a considerable quantity of jumps. Employment with hemisphere application is much more sparing variant of cardiotrainings than, for example, a racetrack, after all the soft surface incurs a part of shock loading. Besides on bosu it is possible not to jump but to spring tearing off only heels.

Bosu is multipurpose training which perfectly prepares the person for an everyday life. It strengthens a vestibular mechanism, develops force and dexterity, flexibility and coordination, improves a bearing. Besides, this training apparatus is applied and in other kinds of fitness, for example in pilates. Instructors advise to be engaged 2 times a week.
People come to fitness club with the different purposes. Depending on a task in view it is necessary to select individually trainings and to observe a certain diet. If the client has the purpose to grow thin in this case we can to suggest carry out aerobic exercises which last not less than hour. It is desirable to combine them with power exercises not less than 2-3 times a week.

To eat, as well as to train, is necessary also correctly. Prefer low-fat meat, the chicken without a skin, turkey, fish, eggs, dairy products. It is necessary to switch on in the diet vegetative not refined oil as it contains irreplaceable fat acids which help with metabolism process.In order tostart to lose fat it is necessary to reduce quantity of carbohydrates and to accept 1.5 grammes of carbohydrates on 1 kg of weight. It is recommended, that food intake was not earlier than in 1 hour after training, and in last food intake – 4 hours prior to a dream.
If your problem is to increase muscular weight it is important to you to increase consumption of carbohydrates. It is desirable for 1.5 – 2 hours before training to eat something from difficult carbohydrates.

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