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Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review – Workout Without Weights To Get Stronger Fast

This weekend I had the opportunity to begin evaluating the program Bodyweight Exercise Revolution and will be doing a complete 2 month evaluation of the program. Adam Steer the coauthor of the program sent me the entire bodyweight exercises system and the deluxe packages so I could dig in truly deep and see what they’re about. I love all forms of bodyweight workouts and boot camp routines as they’re superior for developing strength and conditioning for an athlete. Bodyweight routines permit for true functional strength development, improve balance and coordination, and can be utilized as a total cardio routine. There is no health club required and no equipment needed. Doing a bodyweight exercises routine is a quick way to get results.

With the correct program you are able to work out without having weights to get stronger, gain muscle, lose fat, or just end up in overall fantastic condition. The last 3 months have been hectic for me so I have neglected my workouts. I am planning to use Bodyweight Exercise Revolution to whip myself back into shape within the next 60 days. That puts me in mid Might to see if I can get into peak situation without going to the health club. I’ll be updating my experience everyday on this site (o.k. I’ll be blogging it so they say). If you’ve been searching for something to inspire you to get in shape this summer you can think about joining me on this 60 day journey and beyond.

The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution program is packed with so much info I didn’t know where to begin (so I started with the bodyweight exercise book). It’s loaded with videos showing fat loss circuits, strength exercises, muscle gaining routines, you name it. They have covered every single corner you can think of to workout without weights.

Their program is so in depth it is going to take me a couple weeks just to give it a truly thorough evaluation to tell you what’s inside. So what I’ll do is give a daily update on this blog on my routines, my results, plus what I like or may not like. I like to post genuine reviews of products where I actually test them myself. You won’t find numerous reviews out there like mine where I dive in deep and put myself into the thick of it providing you a real look at what to anticipate in the program.

Here is a glimpse at what you are able to expect from the program and what I’ll be looking at

The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution eBook gives you 5 separate programs for the price of one. You get all this:

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• The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution E-book
• Over 165 pages – jam-packed with explanations and instruction
• Color photos with detailed descriptions for each exercise variation
• 5 step-by-step 28-day programs
• 20 weeks of distinct programming (representing months or even years of variations on exercise level and intensity)
• A follow-along instructional video based on the RMAX Intu-Flow® joint health and mobility portion of the program (downloadable mp4)
• A follow-along instructional video of the RMAX Prasara Yoga compensatory cool down portion of the program (downloadable mp4)
• The 28-day Fat Loss program
• The 28-day Muscle Gain program
• The 28-day Strength Building program
• The 28-day Longevity program
• The 28-day General Athleticism program
Plus the following bonus material:
• Follow-along videos of ALL the circuits and sessions.
• A Bonus chapter on the integration of other RMAX training programs into the 4×7 Wave template.
• On-going support from both Ryan and Adam through the RMAX International on-line forum. You can log in to ask questions about the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution program and we’ll make sure you get the answers you need.
• Access to all future updates to this title.

There’s a lot of ground to cover here. These best way to truly review Bodyweight Exercise Revolution is going to be for me to use it and show some results. If you are searching for a great workout without having weights to either lose fat, get stronger, develop muscle, or simply get in much better shape for the summer then think about joining me for that next 60 days.

You can follow my Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review here and check out my results.

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