Bodybuilding – The Flushing Principle

In anything we do, there are lessons from history we can learn and apply. Take bodybuilding and war. A strange analogy, you may say, but take into consideration it. In World War II, the technique of bombing and blitzing was a big factor within the Allied victory. Bombing and blitzing were merely a non stop, concentrated assault on a selected area.

Through trial and error, experimentation and observation, we have also discovered the principle of bombing and blitzing to work especially well for bodybuilders. But, at first, applying this strategy wasn’t so easy. There was still another major struggle we had to win – the one in the gym.

Back within the early days of the sport, bodybuilding as we know it today didn’t exist. There was solely weightlifting and the objective was to carry heavy weights – period! The method of training was much different, too. Most weightlifters trained their complete body 3 times a week, normally with a Monday, Wednesday, Friday sequence. One week they’d do one set of nine repetitions per physique part, then the next week they would do one set of ten reps per body part and so forth until they finally worked up to one set of 12 reps per body part. Once they may do 12, they went back right down to nine reps and increased the load by 5 – 10 pounds, depending upon the exercise.

If you have been tired on a Monday, you had to do the identical routine. If you were stuffed with energy and wanted to do extra on a Wednesday, you couldn’t. At that time, you needed to follow all the traditional rules of weightlifting and stick with your workout, regardless of how sturdy or weak you were. The order through which you did your routines was also different. You might do a set of prone presses, then go to biceps curl and perhaps a leg exercise after that. There was no logical order for the workouts in a workout.

Saturation Training

It was by commentary and experimentation that we found the only way you might really work a muscle and make it grow was to do more than one set of one exercise for it. You had to saturate an area and train it intensely to recruit extra muscle fibers, exhaust it and produce more blood and vitamins into the world to nourish it whereas removing the waste.

If we wanted to flush a sure area completely, we’d focus on doing all the particular exercises for that space during the identical workout. For example, to flush the arms we’d work the forearm, the biceps, the triceps and the deltoids with supersets to deliver blood into the muscle space and engorge it.

Incredible results had been achieved after we used the push-pull superset. This is when we’d do a push-down motion for the triceps, then instantly do a curl for the biceps. While one muscle was resting, one other muscle in that very same muscle group was being bombed and blitzed, inflicting very intense muscle flushing and saturation. Because bombing and blitzing the muscle labored so well, the Flushing Principle was born and from it evolved such ideas as Compound Sets, Giant Sets, the Double and Triple Split system and lots of others.

As quickly as bodybuilders tried the flushing principle, they liked it. And for good reason. Not solely did it trigger their our bodies to develop beyond anything they’d ever experienced, but they also became psychologically attuned to what their bodies were telling them. For the primary time, they felt the muscle pump and blow up as they became aware of the scale their muscles might attain. It inspired them psychologically and helped them intensify their training.

The similar is true for you, You’ve got to pump, flush and make the muscle work for it to grow. Think about something for a moment. When you say that at this time is your leg day, what does that mean? It means that you’re going to go into the health club and totally work, engorge and flush your leg muscle groups completely. It’s the identical with some other body part. You use a wide range of exercises, weights, sets, reps and relaxation to bomb, blitz and flush and area completely so it can grow and turn into stronger. This is the essence of the Bodybuilding Flushing Principle.

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The Time Factor

Think about one other factor. How lengthy does it take you to do an arm workout? If it takes you 45 minutes to coach your arms completely, and forty five minutes to do one another body part, you’ll be within the gym for hours – method too long. Even the most advanced champions maintain their exercises to not than one hour. The intensity degree for growth after one and a half hours is simply not there, to not mention the high chance of exposing your self to over coaching and potential injury.

To counteract these dangers, the split system of training was developed with the flushing principle as its foundation. As you advance in your workouts, get stronger and increase your recuperative powers as your physique adapts to training, you may decide to practice one physique part in the morning and one within the afternoon, or possibly another within the evening, or possibly work the upper body sooner or later and lower body the next, or every other variation.

By splitting your training, you’re in a position to work a specific muscle group extra thoroughly. This is the way you grow, get stronger and continue to progress. The flushing principle is a very intense option to work a muscle. To get the most out of it, you’ve got to know instinctively when you’ve pushed the muscle to the limit. One of the most important mistakes you may make is over saturating a muscle area. You’ve received to take heed to your body. No one can let you know how much you need to lift or how many sets or reps it’s best to do. Only you already know when your muscular tissues have reached that point. Instinctive use of the flushing precept brings about incredible results – outcomes that can’t be experienced without its use.

Think of bodybuilding as a type of art with the canvas being your body, the train and principles as the paint, and your creativeness as your brush. Believe in your self and your bodybuilding goals. Use the Flushing Principle instinctively in your training and see what kind of masterpiece you may create.

When you employ the Flushing Principle, you can feel an instantaneous benefit. The Pump. After all, what’s bodybuilding? It’s about pumping the muscle and making it grow. Contrary to what some believe, it doesn’t take heavy weights to create a pump.

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