Bodyballet As A New Direction Of Fitness

Have you dreamt to become the ballerina sometime? Well, now your dream is quite realizable. Certainly, at theatres you will not act, but can to brag of an extension and a light step! In it will help a new direction of fitness – bodyballet.

Bodyballet – for those who wishes to possess a harmonous figure and fine-moulded legs. Which woman does not want grace and refinement! And well thought over technique will allow everyone and at any age to achieve a good bearing, smartness, symmetry, flexibility, smooth womanly forms and at the same time well gone muscles.

Being engaged in the “adapted” choreography you will grow thin beautifully and correctly since carrying out ballet exercises in the necessary positions and poses you will force your muscles to work on lengthening, and all organism as a whole – on fast burning of fat. These exercises are not difficult for executing, our course to be spent with elements of the “facilitated” ballet movements. The figure will be tightened, and muscles will pump up without volume increase. It means that the silhouette becomes more womanly and more graceful, the back is more flexible, finitenesses – more extended. It is known that the ballet choreography develops flexibility of joints and a backbone, forms a beautiful bearing, learns to art to own body.

The course of trainings on system bodyballet is developed for people of any age and preparations. The course purpose is health, beauty, good mood.

What give regular trainings on bodyballet?
Regular employment of bodyballet will provide to you: a direct back, equal beautiful gait, an extension. Besides, your muscles will be in a constant tone so, will not allow to be formed to superfluous fat. And, at last, you receive emotional and aesthetic pleasure from refined fitness under classical music.
For what “extension” is necessary.

“Extension” has not in vain become fashionable among the people who were engaged in the appearance and beauty. Who presently, where the beauty standard – elegance and refinement who does not wish to have long feet?! And an extension here is the basic doctor. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out regularly movements on extension (as on a floor, and standing near the machine tool).

It is known also, as choreographic exercises are constructed on lengthening of muscles and a bone skeleton, and accordingly, the professionals who were long engaged in a choreography have, the extended graceful figure, thin finitenesses, a long neck.

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The course of bodyballet is the well adapted complex of exercises consisting of choreographic “pases” at the machine tool, ballet gymnastics, exercises on an extension, easy jumps, and the power movements directed on correct pump of muscles without increase of their volume. As dancing combinations and etudes on development plasticity here are included. It is constructed on a warming up of muscles and flexibility of all joints.

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