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Blog-A-Day Training For The Everyday Joe The Cyclist

Day 1
These blogs are dedicated to you, the everyday Joe or Jane looking to ramp up to a level of fitness you can be proud of. I don’t use the words Joe and Jane to be derogatory, but, to specify that you, the reader, are content with the fact that you won’t be cycling the Tour de France anytime soon. Having started with humble roots, I can empathize with the beginner cyclist. I can also identify with the elite class of riders, bike snobs, weight weenies and the likes. Having trained alongside top athletes, I am fully aware of the intimidation and anxiety felt when faced with the prospect of humiliation. Hence, I am not writing this training guide / blog from the perspective that you are looking to train alongside elite cyclists. I have watched many training DVD’s where the cast of cyclists are in the elite category, and to be honest, I have a difficult time training to these videos because I am bowing and proclaiming “I’m not worthy” instead of fully engaging myself into the workout. The Spinning workout videos I produce and the advice that I provide are for the everyday cycling Joe and Jane with realistic expectations and completely achievable goals.

Cycling is an incredibly diverse and dynamic sport. It’s not just about pedaling. Through cycling, you can achieve so many benefits, it’s impossible to address them all. Health benefits include cardio vascular strengthening, muscle strengthening, and core strengthening, but, are not limited to these. Cycling provides an intense emotional satisfaction as well. A feeling of well being accompanies almost every ride. Endorphin production from the workout along with the rush of adrenaline from fast descents or a smooth draft behind a semi, provide a natural high that empowers/motivates/strengthens/encourages you to further improve your life and your health. The camaraderie from other cyclists can provide a social outlet and a close personal bonding experience that builds long term relationships and reinforces the value of your identity. Further, the rapid weight loss that is observable through cycling provides an almost immediate gratification that substantiates the hard work and effort that you put into it. As diverse as the benefits to cycling are, the training methods to accomplish your fitness goals are even more diverse.

These blogs will target a range of training disciplines that I hope will help to clarify what you should do and how you should proceed. I’d like to encourage you to take “baby steps” in your initial approach. Like a starvation diet, you can rapidly become discouraged if your training tactic is too difficult or too overwhelming, or worst of all, cuts into your daily routine requiring you to make too many time sacrifices. This workout plan takes into account and assumes that you have a life and you are not looking to make a complete life change to accommodate cycling. This comes on its own once you realize how much you love the sport and at that time, I won’t have to nag you to ride your bike. For the purpose of this blog, I am assuming that you will begin your training regimen on an indoor stationary bike or on your bike trainer. Once you have built your confidence and once you have dropped the undesirable poundage, you’ll be looking to ride outside, with a group or seeking your first century ride. Again, I won’t be pestering you to do these things. These are the things you will seek on your own. I guarantee that after 6 months on an indoor trainer, you will be racing to test your skills and strengths against other cyclists. Also, I am confident that your first time out, whether it is the first time after a long time of sedation or simply the first time out after the winter’s cold and snow, will not be too tough. You might actually find that you are at the front of the class and leading the pack.

Simply by getting out of the Lay-Z-Boy and onto a bike you will be merging multiple workout disciplines into a single workout event. However, this blog will divide cycling workouts into their component disciplines. These will be presented in a chronographic order establishing your first workout component first and your last workout component last.

The goal to complete all is set at 6 months. The components include:
• Heart health (2 weeks)
• Aerobic conditioning and weight loss (4 weeks)
• Heart strengthening (2 weeks)
• Anaerobic conditioning and battling muscle fatigue (3 weeks)
• Muscle building and core strengthening (4 weeks)
• Preparing for cycling events (6 weeks)
• Preparing to race (3 weeks)

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