Bizarre New 7minuteworkout Trick?

Bizarre original 7minuteworkout scam or real thing?

What good can a 7 minute workout get?
It couldn’t possibly be of any significance to me, can it? I puzzled over that. And suddenly you conclude it’s one more multi-level Biz-Op launching soon; and you speculate, ”sure it is…I’ve heard it all before -Instant cure for all that ails ya for …how much is in your pocket anyhow? ; thanks but no thanks.”

But Wait, just give me a moment to offer an insiders view of this completely new 7minuteworkout. It might change your point of view.

I was invited to join the beta testers of the approach in February 2011. And, knowing a lttle bit about the co-founder Joel Therien, I was all set to take a good look. I could afford 7 minutes a day every other day.

Naturally, the statement of getting into the best shape of your life with only a 7minuteworkout is very appealing, right? Well, with my belly getting bigger by the year, and having made an effort and failed (on account of injury or little to no success) at workouts in the past; I was really skeptical (like you perhaps?) but, I still had faith that I could get back into some type of shape. So I accepted the invitation and got at it…

Now I’m starting my 8th workout today, and I’ve had some real results already. Within just 7 workouts I now fit the two sizes too small denims, that I bought a couple years ago looking forward to the weight loss I had envisioned for myself (but never achieved until now). My tummy is shrinking largely due to a trouble-free diet “tip” that I was taught about in one of the many webinars we are involved in regularly. My hunger level went down as did my weight; down about 15 pounds (not just water loss, because it’s sticking). And I feel better, (somehow taller?) and even more confident. Nice start, huh?

There are different levels (beginner with or without weights, through advanced) all with step by step video’s by the founders, Joel Therien and Chris Reid, along with full explanations to show you exactly how to perform each exercise. So, with the webinars, videos, very friendly, supportive, dynamic user forums and concise simple exercises the 7minuteworkout system is extremely user friendly; and continually evolving to fit the members preferences. We have weight trackers, diet plans, recipies; It’s a complete system, but you don’t have to follow the diet stuff to get significant results anyway.

You can find the videos on your Ipad or pod and bring your new online personal trainer along with you to the gym or anywhere you go (fire the old one; they charge far too much). 7 minute workout

Ok, so the workout plan is working for me. I’m in! But what about this business opportunity? We can learn a lot about a company, by who runs it and who introduced it. That would be Chris Reid a world champion in Tae kwon-do and Joel Therien a multi-million dollar business owner, (GlobalVirtualOpportunities-GVO) and former world-class natural bodybuilder himself.

You know the way some salesmen (and lawyers maybe can lead you off course with great ease? They can ‘lie like a dog’ and seem so genuine; until you watch them for a while. Then you may start to see cracks or chinks in the armor, little ‘tells’ that, if you trust your inner “Knower” give you clues that something just isn’t right here. Well, I’ve been able to watch Joel in the past couple years. I’ve seen him often in webinars and blog posts; Listened to him, carefully watched his habits, traits, and movements… I trust him! If you want complete transparency; here it is in Joel Therien. And, although I don’t know Chris nearly as well, he seems to be from the same mold. They both developed in Canada together (how many nice Canadians do you know? It seems to be a pattern). Anyway, Joel made the move to Texas to put GVO on a sound business foundation before he and associate Mike Potvin launched that huge financial success.

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Honestly, I’m not fearful whatsoever that these guys are attempting to “put one over on me” just so they can raid my savings account. In fact Joel has said his goal in starting the 7minuteworkout is to end obesity, and wipe out Diabetes from the planet. Lofty goal and I love it!

So, there you have it; this insiders view of the new 7minuteworkout. Hope you don’t mind? But, I’d want to let Chris and Joel give you the business side of the story. So, with that said: click on this link 7 minute workout

What we offer you now with the 7minuteworkout is the chance to make a complete lifestyle transformation. Bring your body, mind, soul, and bank account into balance and move forward into the twentyfirst century’s ever-changing scene with abundance and ultimate confidence.

The Health and Fitness industry is extremely lucrative; and this is your chance to create a huge difference in your life and others’ lives as well. The 7minuteworkout is about to launch with a flurry of advertising and marketing…So, We are presenting a seat at the table, a piece of the pie, and now its time to prepare for (paddle along with and catch) this wave before it’s passed you by and you wonder, “Oh no, what happened? Will there be another one?”

All that it requires, to get started is click on the colored links in this article. That’s the easy button that will actually take you to the future and freedom you’ve always desired. I’m really not over stating the Potential for You.

and It’s not a Hoax. I’m Unquestionably in…and what about You?

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