Biomechanical Stimulation

Biomechanical stimulation is a mechanical influence on muscles of the person for reception of the psychophysiological effects which are a basis of training of muscles, articulate mobility, improvement of coordination of movements, and, hence, the accelerated development of elements of difficult movements, and also restoration of impellent activity after traumas and of some diseases of the impellent device of the person.

In usual process of training of a muscle also are exposed to mechanical influences, by means of use of burdenings, training apparatus, than the required training effect is reached.

Biomechanical stimulation distinguishes from other influences on muscles:
1. Influence by vibration along muscular fibres that is in a direction characteristic for usual muscular reduction. The given circumstance is not considered in usual vibromassage, and it is essential.
2. The training and biological effect is reached at such influence in certain relations, for example on time expenses, in tens and even hundreds times faster. It testifies to qualitatively new step in training, reveals new strokes in functioning of our organism, opens new horizons in physical training, sports and medicine.

The phenomenon of biomechanical stimulation is represented extremely interesting and perspective in many relations. Practically there is no such display of ability to live of the person in which area, with this or that measure of a positive effect, it would be impossible to use it. Devices for stimulation are certificated in Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries.

The received results of researches authentically testify that after carrying out of stimulation increase: force of muscles, their elasticity, an extensibility and also are improved mechanisms of the central nervous system, there is a possibility of liquidation of a painful syndrome, hypostases and spasms of smooth muscles. Peripheral blood circulation improves.
The cross-section twine can be mastered in 30 – 60 and more times faster than at usual trainings!

In many cases similar results are unattainable by usual methods. Any person, working with stimulators can improve the qualities of flexibility. For broad masses biomechanical stimulation is an irreplaceable introduction course in traditional regular physical training. Within 1-2 weeks it allows to enter the impellent device of the person who long is not engaged in physical training and sports into a working condition, and as a whole has essentially moved apart representations about physical possibilities of an organism, its reserves.

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Sports Biomechanical stimulation of muscles before trainings reduces possibility of traumas, increases force of muscles and mobility in joints. Allows to execute already after 6-9 sessions a twine. Gives feeling of possession of muscles, increases requirement of an organism for physical exercises, takes off physical weariness.

Medicine Biomechanical stimulation an effective remedy for treatment and preventive maintenance at: restriction of mobility infringement of blood circulation atrophies sports traumas pains.

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