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Bikes And Weight Loss

The aim of this article is definitely not to talk about the good effect of bicycles on people’s health and on weight loss in general. Here I would like to discuss the issue of defining the similarities between riding the bike and the real success, which lies in weight loss efficiency. In fact, almost each person in his or her life has tried an experience of learning to ride a bike. It is crystal clear that during this process we have lived lots of emotions starting with the fear and finishing with excitement. As for me personally, I do not consider it to be a weird thing, as it is natural for a human to feel exhilaration after having some that has worked. As a rule, we begin from observing other people on their bicycles. Then we are likely to pick up a tricycle, and afterwards we switch to a bicycle with training wheels, and then one day we are on our bike happy to have such a pleasant entertaining. Admittedly, weight loss success means the permanent weight drop which can be equal to the feeling of getting rid of excess wheels. Actually, both activities are full of emotions pleasant and disappointing switching from one side to the other like any other emotions that human beings suffer from. However, all these feeling are impossible with just one jump. It is crystal clear that in the study of riding our bicycles we had to acquire some skills and knowledge, such as balance, how to hold the body for us not to fall down and know it for sure how to get on the bicycle, how to pedal, how to stop, and even how to get off it.

In reality, some of such skills appear quite easily while the others turn out to be complicated to be acquired. Indeed, our friends are likely to have got pretty similar experience or the ones that might be comparably different. Besides, it is natural that the perception of their experience might differ from what they actually experienced. For example, my older brother was using a bike before me, that is why it was pretty easy for me to learn like a magic and I do not know how it happens. The same we have to learn how to lose weight in order to become successful. This story means that some skills can be acquired pretty easy while for the others we need to make really big efforts. At the same time we cannot compare our weight loss to the sister’s or brother’s one, owing to the fact that people are different and their skills as well. Finally, the most important statement is that bike is the health.

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