Be Engaged In Fitness When You Have A Free Minute

Now the beach season is in the heat, also it is time to flash a fine-moulded figure. But what to do if there is no time to sweat in a sports hall, and there is no desire to sit on foolish diets which all the same do not help? Here such exercises for you which can be carried out:

1. Let`s say you lie. Do not hurry up. Before a dream, having turned over on a stomach, try to reach heels buttocks. 30 times are desirable.
2. Having turned over on a back, with force pull socks on yourself, and then, on the contrary, do it about 50 times.

3. Bend feet in knees, lower them by turns to the left and to the right, about 15 times in each party. Has made? Well, then have good night and pleasant dreams!
4. In the morning, standing about a washstand, do following exercises: the left foot raise, bend in a knee and press to the right foot. In fast rate rise on a sock and fall on full foot (the right foot works). Make on 30 turns by each foot.
5. About the same bowl it is possible to carry out rifts from a heel on a sock. Rather effectively, only watch balance. Try to do it 50 times.

6. If you spend the most part of time behind a school desk or behind a desktop, here some sitting exercises: place stops for width of shoulders, reduce knees together and with force them compress, straining muscles of an internal part of a hip. Execute 2 approaches on 30 times.
7. Sit down on chair edge, extend feet forward, heels lean about a floor. Very much pull forward socks, concerning with them of a floor. It is carried out in footwear without a heel, about 30 times.
8. We will not forget and about jumps!!! Jump not only small children during time of walks, but also loaded by study or work of the young lady during a three-minute break in the busy schedule. It is possible to jump on one foot, on two, here and there, having crossed both feet, reducing and planting feet during a jump. On 10 jumps of each kind it is quite enough!

9. Standing at a stop in expectation of the bus or a trolley bus, extend a foot forward, concerning the earth only with a heel. As well as in the previous exercise, pull a sock, concerning with them the earths and so 30 times with each foot.

10. Steps are also excellent means for training! If you go on the escalator, that, keeping for hand-rail, rise so that heels hanged down from step edge. Rise on tiptoe and fall as it is possible more low.
That’s all! Carry out these simple actions, and the result will not keep waiting long for itself! And when girlfriends will ask, as you are possible manage all in the excellent form, smile him a mysterious smile and tell the small secret!

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