Automobile Fitness.

To the woman with the sated business life is difficult enough regularly to visit fitness club, but very much it would be desirable to remain in the excellent physical form. With constant movement in a car and sedentary work muscle becomes flabby. In that case any free minute and time in a car it is possible to spend with advantage for health and a figure. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out simple exercises.

Car survey – cheerful exercises.
Exercise 1. Going down from the house or office to the car, walk quickly. Then bypass it some times. During detour 3-4 times sit down about each wheel. Pretend that you examine a car.

Exercise 2. Open a cowl. Some times bend down and look that there inside, thereby you will knead waist muscles, and at the same time and is better you learn that there inside.

Exercise 3. Some times open and close a luggage carrier cover – muscles of hands a little bit will work.

In movement.
Exercise 1. For elastic buttocks. Strongly compress buttocks for some seconds, then weaken. Repeat so 10 times. Then strain serially right and left buttock.

Exercise 2. Holding a back directly, press a waist into a seat back. Repeat 10 times. So you will knead lumbar muscles.

Exercise 3. Reduce shovels, lift shoulders, release them and weaken. It will weaken humeral muscles.

Stoppers -the time for warm-up.
In a traffic jam megacity are formed too often, therefore do not lose time in vain – be engaged in the body.

Exercise 1. Knead a neck. Turn a head on the left, to the right, incline forward, then back.

Exercise 2. Lift hands and rest palms against a car ceiling.

Exercise 3. With force rest a palm of one hand against a ceiling, and the second lower along a trunk. Then change hands.

Exercise 4. Alternate a ducking forward to the approximated back and back with the bent back and the shown shovels.

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Exercise 5. Put one hand on a wheel, another take away for a back and pull by it as it is possible further upwards, then change hands.

Exercise 6. Compress and unclench fists. Twist brushes of hands.
Stops for exercises.
On distant trips stop in each 2-3 hours and do warm-up. Devote 15 minutes to weakening exercises.

Exercise 1. Execute some inclinations forward, completely having weakened all muscles and freely having lowered hands.

Exercise 2. Rest a back against a tree or a wall and within 15-30 seconds press on a trunk then bend forward and relax. Repeat 2-4 times.

Exercise 3. Standing a back to a support, bend one foot and with force resting against it foot some seconds. Do the same manipulation with other foot. On 2-4 approaches from each foot.

Some exercises approach for those who wishes to amuse the people. To support a figure in shape in the life hammered by affairs, it is necessary to allocate time for employment by fitness and to adhere to eutrophy.

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