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Aromatherapy – Oils Against Excess Weight

The aromatherapy will help to dump weight and will rejuvenate your skin but only in that case if you will correctly use essence. After all for a long time it is known that at their correct use it is possible to get rid of surpluses of weight and to find a harmonous figure. Since ancient times fragrant oils were applied as medical means, as means to a seducing and for many other purposes. It is caused by that the human body is very susceptible to them.

Essence is especially effective together with physical activities and diets. Besides their drawing on a skin is rather pleasant employment. Except rubbing they can be added at reception of baths, to use as a filler for inhalation and in certain cases even to accept inside.

How essence can affect weight reduction? The answer is simple. All the matter is that excess weight principal causes are: infringement of a metabolism and stagnation of a liquid in an organism. Therefore for this purpose it is required what to grow thin that essence which have diuretic an effect and normalize a metabolism.

Oils possessing diuretic action concern juniper and cypress oil. They are recommended to be used for rubbing in a skin and to add in water at reception of baths (4-6 drops of each of oils). How juniper oil can be accepted inside? It is better to drip some drops on a slice of bread or a sugar cube. As a result the organism will gradually get rid of a superfluous liquid and to be cleared of toxic adjournment that, undoubtedly, will be reflected in excess weight loss.

You ask – “How correctly to prepare a mix for massage?”. We will stop on it more in detail.

On the basis of juniper and cypress oil prepare a mix in following proportions: 12 drops of juniper, 13 drops of cypress oil and 50 milliliters of jojoba. Then the mix can be rubbed in a skin.

With its help you can deduce toxins from an organism and improve intestines work. Besides it helps to settle the fatty exchange in an organism.

Ways of application of orange oil
1. For massage. You can prepare the mix consisting of 10 grams of a massage cream and 6-10 drops of oil.
2. For a bath. Dissolve in water of 3-5 drops of orange oil.

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All oils set forth above simultaneously promoting weight reduction give to a skin elasticity and elasticity, and it is doubtless plus, after all frequently at growing thin by other methods on a skin there are extensions, folds and there is a cellulitis.

In the conclusion it would be desirable to notice that the aromatherapy has contra-indications. Juniper oil is strictly forbidden to use during pregnancy and it is impossible to put orange oil on a skin before an exit on the sun.

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