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Are You Aware Of Natural Enemies Of Fat?

It is true that the majority of people these days believe that they know just everything about weight loss. However, if you read on this article, you are likely to notice that there exist many weight loss facts that you have never heard about and have never guessed. Admittedly, according to the researches of the Central Research Institute of Hunt in Japan, using vinegar during your diet can reduce the accumulation of body fat by about 10%. Besides, the main researcher Dr. Kondo said that their first experiments are very inspiring the interesting. After all, the experiment they were busy with showed that only 11 ml of vinegar can reduce the fat on the abdominal parts of our body. Actually, this is not a fairy-tale, but the truth which was proven by the biggest part of volunteers that took part in this new investigation. Remarkably, vinegar is not the only ingredient which can considerably affect our body weight. In fact, various investigations that lately were carried out exhibited that there is the whole range of so called natural enemies of fat.

The first thing to discuss is one tablespoon of chilli sauce accompanied with mustard. It is already a well-known fact that you can speed your metabolism thanks to these ingredients up to 15%, two three hours after the main meal. In reality, the capsaicin discovered to be present in chilli peppers is considered to be responsible for these beneficial effects. Interestingly, capsaicin belongs to the substances that can break our appetite for a while. In addition, the doctors claim that a chili pepper includes more vitamin C than even a whole orange. I understand that it is hard to believe, but still this was proven by a number of researches. What is more this ingredient is rich in such things as potassium, vitamin A and fiber. Although it might sound far-fetched, but thanks to these ingredients in medical substances we can cure such diseases as cancer and heart breaks. As for me personally, I have never witnessed such type of mystery, but if it is scientifically and medically proven, then we must believe and hope for the miracle.

The second enemy of fat cells is green tea which includes catechins, a group of substances that have been shown to decrease fat. Besides, these catechins are likely to intensify fat oxidation and thermogenesis. Speaking about the Japanese green tea, it is worth mentioning that it is especially useful for our weight loss program, owing to the fact that it, more than any other green tea, increases metabolism and facilitates the process of weight loss in general. Finally, few years ago Australian scientists have proven that those people who used to consume dairy products are likely to shed more pounds and do it in a faster manner. So, eat cheese and you will not have any weight loss problems.

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