Are Protein Shakes Necessary In Order To Build Muscle

Is it vital to drink protein shakes to build muscle? Well quite simply no, it is not necessary to drink protein shakes to build muscle.

What you will require is a stable supply of protein during the day so your muscles can rebuild and grow bigger. Your muscles are made of roughly 70-75% water and 25-30% protein. When you workout, small strands or tubes of protein and weakened by the pressure put upon them by lifting weights, and need to be repaired.

To accomplish this the body has to have a regular source of protein. Protein is used as a kind of building block to repair those rips and to build larger, stronger muscle tissue so that the next time there are big weights forced on them, they are greater geared up to cope.

The real issue with this is that the body is not able to store protein easily and can only really use it as it is consumed. So to grow strong muscles you have got to offer the body protein every 3-4 hours. This will ensure there is continual muscle development, and the maximum amount of muscle is gained.

Okay so that covers why protein is required, but are protein shakes needed? Well the recommended volume of protein intake is 1 to 1.5 grams of protein for every pound of body-weight.

Therefore if you weigh 180 pounds, you ought to be eating 180 – 270 grams of protein per day. This may be quite tricky to get just from your food, and is a reason for drinking protein shakes. But it isn’t absolutely necessary. You can get your protein fully from food sources, including meats, fish, nuts, eggs, dairy etc.

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The real usefullness of protein shakes is that they can be absorbed by the body very quickly, which makes them excellent for a meal following a workout.

The body can digest and apply the protein from a shake much faster than it can from a normal food source. That is why, the majority of the muscle building books and trainers popping up will advise you to have a shake inside of an hour after your workout, and some say you have to have one right before your workout.

It’s not definitely necessary to drink protein shakes to construct muscle, but it certainly can help in addition to a good muscle building diet. They are superb at supplying the body a quick supply of protein, after workouts, and may also assist you to get plenty of protein in your day. This can at times be tricky otherwise

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