Are Looking For Women’s Athletic, Yoga And Workout Wear? What To Look For And What Is The Best Value

So you are looking for some new women’s activewear and yoga pieces for your athletic wardrobe and you are not sure what to buy. The problem is if you spend $25 on a women’s workout Capri or pant, you will get what you pay for, junk but you do not want to feel taken advantage of by spending $120.00 on a pair of yoga pants or a Capri. We have some answers that will help make sense on what makes a good piece of women’s yoga and athletic wear

There are some key things to look for such as the quality of the stitching, is it naturally moisture wicking, styling, fabric performance, colors and fit. What looks like well priced inexpensive exercise apparel will be subpar on most of these important elements and most of all, it will not wick the moisture from your body trapping against your skin, sweat and bodily moisture. Conversely, there is no need to drop a huge amount of money on a women’s Capri that will not perform anywhere near what you pay. There are however a few brands out there worth considering and one especially that we have found to be ahead of the pack, BRAVADA’s athletic and activewear. Interestingly enough, it is the brand that TV starlet Kim Kardashian has partnered with which is what initially brought us to the brand and what we saw we liked very much.

The BRAVADA collection is well priced especially for the level of quality that they deliver. With the BRAVADA brand, you get much more than what you pay for in all areas. First off all, the collection is OneFit / Onesize (sizes 0-12) and we found it amazingly comfortable for anyone in any of these sizes, believe it. It is a naturally wicking fabric which is a highly appealing feature and it keeps you incredibly dry. The styling is fantastic and the pieces come in many different styles and colors but most of all is the incredible comfort in the BRAVADA brand when you are wearing the clothes during a workout or just casually. The BRAVADA bras were absolutely fantastic in fit and comfort from an “A” cup all the way to a “DD”. The pants and capris fit exceptionally well with no pinching or fabric bunching which you find with most other brands. The BRAVADA pieces were easily washed and are easy to maintain. It was hard finding any negative with the BRAVADA Muscle Flex VATA Brasil collection which is probably why reality TV starlet Kim Kardashian aligned herself with the brand, a good move!!

Overall, the BRAVADA women’s sports and activewear collection is ideal for yoga, working out, running, the gym, Pilates and some pieces are even stylish enough to wear as everyday leisure pieces such as their Hollywood Flare Pant. With the BRAVADA collection, you get a high performance piece of women’s athletic wear at a price that will not break the bank. Well worth every penny.

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