Aquafitness For The Future Mums

Recently began fashionable to go in sports hall. Who would like to possess a harmonous figure and elastic muscles? How to find time, and in how much to go to fitness the club?

Optimum variant from 11.00 till or in second half of day from 16.00 till. In the first case a heat of the working day, and in the second its termination when the mood after dialogue with colleagues any more has no to employment. This time does not approach us. There is a morning. The statement that after morning training there are no forces to go for work is told by those who never on this training was. Unique property of our organism to develop is a bit more than energy, than we spend. After training our organism not only will restore the spent forces, but also will create a small stock. So by 11 o’clock you will feel inflow of forces and vital energy

Even more often to improvement of a tone and health of future mummies and not born babies actively apply аquafitness. Such procedure recommend from 16-17 weeks of pregnancy till 34-36 weeks. After that term it is better to forget about any physical activities, after all functional changes in a uterus which already prepares for sorts begin. If the woman before origin in it a new life took a great interest in sports, when there is no contra-indications easy physical activities during pregnancy even are necessary to her. If she did not do it earlier it is better to be prepared to аquafitness by means of special gymnastics or pilates where women learn to understand own body, in particular to supervise breath.
The last will help and at sorts. For now experts should watch state of health of future mothers before аquafitness. The basic physical activity during employment is necessary on muscles of feet, hands, a back and a humeral belt, and here the backbone unloads.

The nature has proved for a long time that water is useful to the pregnant woman because in the water environment there is also its kid.
Physicians notice that the discomfortable sensation in a waist, first of all, decreases. Blood supply of kidneys which promotes faster deducing from an organism of slags and toxins amplifies. Pregnant women type less weight because during employment in water the organism spends a lot of heat, intensity of exchange processes increases. Besides, such procedures temper, resistibility of an organism to various diseases raises and immunity amplifies. And positive emotions which are worried by the future mums in pool, promote reduction of a nervous tension and a relaxation.

Employment necessarily begin with respiratory exercises and last hour. By results of researches, women who visited аquafitness, give birth is easier, their babies have a stable psychoemotional condition, are healthy, quiet and faster fall asleep (under that music, which their mummies listened pregnant women).
Children better perceive noise of the sea, wood, and “singing” of dolphins. Therefore after a birth experts recommend to use that music which already is familiar to the baby. Under the statement of science officers, rustling of leaves very much reminds placenta noise – mum’s palpitation. The kid as though again gets on environment known to it and calms down.

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