Weight Loss

Anti Cellulites Eating Ration.

That is what you should and should not include into your eating ration:

(you should say Yes to) Grassy teas and fresh juices.

In them are vitamins A, Е and C, and also it contains biologically active substances. They help a skin to restore elasticity, elasticity and smoothness.

Effect is maximum. There are the whole anti-cellulite programs based on use of fresh juice and grassy teas. Especially productive in this is considered vegetable juice: carrots, beets, a cucumber, an apple, cabbage and celery, are rich with potassium. From grasses anise, a violet, a Melissa and a chamomile which regulate digestion processes. To prepare a drink it is necessary directly ahead of the use. And juice from packages is better not to use.

There is definite no to) Alcohol

Why is it so? Besides other, it slightly activates development of female sexual hormones of estrogens. And it, perhaps, is one of the basic originators of occurrence of cellulites. It is proved, that exactly estrogens influence quantity, the sizes and type of adjournment of a fatty tissue. Reasonable alternative of it: At all to refuse fro alcohol is unessential. Eventually, it too participates in a metabolism and is rich with antioxidants. And here to be limited to one glass of dry white or red wine in some days is desirable.

(say Yes to) Vegetables of bright colors

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Why is it so? They contain a potassium and magnesium of considerable quantity and also they contain trace substances, antioxidants, irreplaceable at struggle against cellulites. They interfere with liquid accumulation in tissues and strengthen vessels. Besides it adsorbs end-products of an exchange from an intestine and clean toxins from a liver and a blood. The second value of vegetables is the presence of difficult carbohydrates which are digested longly without leaving a place to feeling of hunger and then leave an organism without a trace. An effect is maximum. A lot of useful substances to a skin and a figure contains in a soya, wheat, a string bean, lentil and bean.

There is definite no to) Salt

Why is it so? It detains water in an organism. Crystals of salts bind among themselves water molecules, breaking circulation of a lymphatic liquid. As a result in the edema subcutaneously-fatty tissue develops, and fatty cells because of considerable quantity of water are enlarged in sizes and become appreciable under a skin.

Fresh alternative: Opinions of dietarians were parted. Some suggest excluding absolutely salt from a ration in their opinion, there is enough natural maintenance of sodium in products. Others stand up for reasonable restriction. At one time nutrition they recommend to eat one pinch of salt (so much, how many is located between big and an arm index finger), a maximum 6 grams a day.

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