Weight Loss

Anti Cellulite Eating Ration

What you should and should not include in your eating ration:

(say Yes to) Seasonings
Why? Originally relish and speed up work of GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT. But it concerns only grasses or their admixtures without addition of the amplifier of taste (a sodium glutamate) and salt.

Effect is maximum. Grasses for seasonings can be prepared independently (to dry or freeze), and it is possible to buy ready prepared. The main thing is attentively to read a label – no additional ingredients in structure should be included.

There is no to) Fancy bread and a batch of industrial preparation
Why? It contains artificial ingredients. Preservatives, stains (even if, according to manufacturers, they quite “are identical natural”) are the garbage littering our organism. And, as any garbage, it on the sly settles in the remote recesses – on hips, a stomach, a waist. And to “put out” from it is much more difficult than to refuse the next fruitcake with jam. Necessary alternative: Indulge yourself sometimes better with chocolate and it improves the mood and also magnesium receives for a lymphatic drainage more.

(Yes to) the Batch from a flour of a rasping grinding and porridge

Why? It is cellulose – “hospital attendant” of our intestine and entire organism. It interferes with adjournment of a considerable quantity of fats putting out them from an organism, strengthens a peristalsis of an intestine and improves digestion. All trace substances from groats are easily acquired, digested and then and are deduced from an organism taking with itself “ballast” in the form of slags.

Effect is maximum. Porridge and bread from bran is better to combine with fruit. In them there are the so-called ballast substances strengthening effect from sanitary action of cellulose.

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There is no to) Milk products

Why? It contains many fats, especially cheeses and oil. Therefore to name them welcome guests in an anti-cellulite ration is impossible. Acidic alternative. Lactic products like kefirs, Serums, the curdled milk, not degreased! They contain the same calcium, as milk and normalize intestine work and also go on construction of a cellular cover.

(Yes to) Fish

Why? The omega-3 contains fat acids. Their contribution to organism work is huge: they fluidify a blood, it is a part of sexual hormones, strengthen walls of fine blood vessels and improve a skin turgor. Thanks to all to it cellulitis implications become less appreciable. An effect maximum. The most useful red sea fish is considered. In it there is most of all nonsaturated fats which don’t lie too long in the form of slags and don’t appear under skin hillocks, but work for needs of an organism. To buy it is desirable fresh fish and to use in nutrition in the baked kind at least four times a week. If for any reason are not for you, drink after a breakfast a cod-liver oil.

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