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The correct choice frequently becomes for us a serious problem. It concerns all spheres of life, whether it is a choice of a place of work or study, doubt concerning large purchases or meditation about a style of new pair footwear. Thus, when business concerns our diet we usually operate automatically buying the same products or adhering to the habitual menu.

However in these cases also it is possible and it is necessary to choose, if before you there is a problem on decrease in excess weight and finding of a healthy way of life.

So, we will begin with the dishes prepared by the hands. Here the stereotypes put in the childhood work when we observed of actions of the senior relatives. And here we habitually cook a borsch from pork, we add in salads a generous portion of mayonnaise, we use as a garnish flavored with oil and mashed potatoes cream, we fry cutlets and pies on vegetable oil and we amaze imagination of visitors with three-layer biscuit pies with a fat cream. Thus everyone can find out having spent simple calculations how thanks to such “harmless” habits we consume many superfluous calories and fats. What to do, sit on one of numerous diets and to starve yourself in expectation of day when it will be possible to attack again on former food? Let’s find alternative instead! After all it is possible to put fast meat in soup, thus adding more vegetables and fragrant grasses. To learn to do salad refuellings, for example, of olive oil, a sesame and lemon juice. And still to bake a potato entirely in a foil and to strew its fresh greens or at all to choose on a garnish a handful of boiled brown rice, to prepare steam cutlets from meat of a hen, to dream on a theme of fruit desserts … Considering, as many possibilities give to the modern mistress various kitchen devices of new generation (from a microwave and a double boiler to an aerogrill), always there are variants of more healthy way of cooking. Believe, flavoring qualities of your dishes will not suffer at all, and it will be reflected in a condition of a figure in the best way.

There is one more important nuance of a habitual food is eaten quantity. Has put at all at a rate of portions though it too is essential enough, after all transition to a food from plates of the smaller size gives steady decrease in caloric content of a daily diet. The ordinary phrase «the first, the second and compote» supervises till now over our consciousness, and we do not believe that it is possible to be sated with easier plate of soup. Therefore courageously we fill a stomach to the full – we eat an impressive portion of the second and we wash down, more often, with something sweet or aerated. Persons especially respecting an overeating still add to tortures of digestive system and a dessert which is often equal on caloric content of third of day norm. Try to eat instead one dish at one time peep, thus supposing not two, but four-five meals in day. As to drinks – first of all they need to be accustomed to be used before meal, «a liquid food» we already spoke about other nuances.

It is really surprising that right now we are living in the world where knowledge makes life easier. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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