Advices To Fans Of Fitness

To whom to believe? Being engaged in fitness club we entirely trust our trainers and instructors.
As a rule, the trust between the client and the trainer arises either at once or never.

We do not call into question technics and the technique used by the given expert. Clients do not penetrate into process details. Only the result interests them.
Many get under psychological influence of the trainers preaching fashionable tendencies and cloning errors.
They are very convincing and will not suffer objections or disputes with the client. This is quite explainable behaviour of trainers and instructors. They protect the authority and a workplace on club.
And one more moment: trainers very much are afraid of competent clients from whom their competitors can turn out.

Working in fitness club, pursuing the same aims, trainers use various methods and technics, and they can differ from the classics registered in textbooks.
This is comparable with treatment of one disease by different doctors by various medicines. But the purpose at all is one – to cure the patient, and ways to do it may be different.
Are you trying to understand who is right? If anybody from trainers has not caused harm with the methods to the client, it is possible to tell that all is right.
There are theoretical and practical bases of training process. The fundamental classics. Deviations are admissible within safety for the client.
Why fitness is good – it is dynamical, it has a lot of variants and welcomes creativity.
Our advices to fans of fitness:

1. Study fitness from different directions;
2. Do not create to yourself an idol having got under charisma of your trainer;
3. Trust the organism and intuition;
4. Study in fitness and consult with professionals!
And concerning the children. It is possible to be engaged in fitness with children from the earliest age.
The simple gymnastics, developing exercises and games will help the child to become healthy and strong.

Phisical health costs on the first place at children, only intellectual and mental development depends on it.
For the employment of fitness with children applies special techniques. It is not necessary to confuse children’s fitness to physiotherapy exercises.
Children’s fitness is directed on the general strengthening of an organism.
Children’s fitness is accessible to everything, has no contra-indications and to seize techniques of employment everyone is capable.
On the faculty of Children’s fitness techniques of work with children from 1 year till 15 years are taught.
Having passed a course of children’s fitness you can conduct employment with children younger, average and advanced age and to work in any children’s centre or fitness – club the instructor.
If you love children you will for sure give them the possibility to be engaged in fitness.

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