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Adiposity Of Mother May Promote A Birth Of The Child With Defects

Adiposity of mother may promote a birth of the child with defects

The women who suffer adiposity at the moment of conception have the raised risk of a birth of the child with developmental anomaly. To such conclusion scientists from the Texas University by results of research in which participated more than 14 thousand young mothers have come.

Scientists under the direction of Kim Waller have studied the data about growth and weight of women at the moment of conception of the child which has occurred during the period with 1997 for 2002. 10249 women which children were born with one and more developmental anomalies and 4065 women who have given birth to the healthy child have taken part in research.

It has appeared that at 4 % of mothers who suffer from adiposity at the moment of pregnancy, children with developmental anomalies were born. At women with normal weight such children were born less often in 3 % of cases.

Adiposity of future mother twice increased risk of a birth of the child with backbone splitting (spina bifida). Besides, such children suffered congenital anomalies of development of heart, absence of an aperture of an anus is more often, anomaly of development of a sexual organs or absence of finitenesses and an umbilical hernia.

Mothers with excess weight at the moment of the pregnancy beginning (but not suffering adiposity), had slightly raised risk of a birth of children with various defects of development. As to women with deficiency of weight at them children with such defect as a harelip (an upper lip crevice) were slightly more often seen.

The reason on which adiposity of mother promotes a birth of children with developmental anomalies is unknown yet. It is not excluded that this interrelation is caused by not diagnosed diabetes, or connected with reception by the future mother of potentially dangerous medicines for weight reduction in conception and on early terms of pregnancy.

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