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A Separate Food Is The Best Diet

A separate food is one of the most effective existing diets nowadays. If to argue logically on an example of the fullest meal our habit to eat only offends our organism. We take a huge bowl. We will pour out there the first-soup, then the second – mashed potatoes with meat, moreover we do not forget about compote. All we mix. And now all this food gets to our organism after a dinner. The poor stomach doesn’t know for what to catch and what first of all to digest.
Adherents of a healthy food consider…

The main rule of a separate food is not to use products which complicate digestion if to use together them. So there is an eternal struggle between fibers and carbohydrates. They prevent to be acquired each other in an organism. If we eat meat which is fiber and after that at once fruit – carbohydrates should be expected storms. Meat is digested longer, therefore fruit for which it is necessary for processing only twenty minutes start to wander in a stomach. As a result, the meal is digested not completely and settles on intestines walls, it can be postponed in the form of fat and slags which pollute an organism. There are locks and other impartial illnesses from it.
The diet which fans of a separate food adhere, at all doesn’t mean that it is necessary to eat each product separately from another. Division occurs on groups. These are fibers, carbohydrates, neutral products.

Fibers: fish, meat, eggs, dairy products low-fat, nuts, bean.

Carbohydrates: flour products, groats, a potato, sugar.

The neutral: fat cottage cheese and cheese, fruit and dried fruits, butter, animal fats, vegetables and fruit, greens.

Neutral products can be used, both with carbohydrates, and with fibers.

When products are compatible they are ideally combined, are digested quickly. Thereby the organism receives nutrients and isn’t exposed to an intoxication. As consequence, there is an excess weight loss. Unlike other diets, growing thin in such way keeps long effect.

A separate food treats many illnesses, in particular, illnesses of a gastroenteric path, illness of a liver, kidneys and a spleen.

Opponents of a separate food consider…

A separate food forces sometimes people to hunger, and it negatively affects on mentality.

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The person initially ate the mixed food, therefore it is impossible to tell that it isn’t adapted for dishes where products of different kinds contain. If now to force mankind to eat only separately, to cope with bread, a stuffed cabbage and other favourite dishes there will be not under force in our organism.

1. It is necessary to eat vegetables with fats then the organism will receive vitamins A, Е.
2. In meal which you prepare during day vegetables and fruit should prevail.

3. For a breakfast is better to eat fruit salad with sour cream, it is possible to use pair of slices of cheese.

4. The meat or fish slice can be made for a dinner. Don’t hasten to fry a potato or to boil vermicelli. Cut vegetables.

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