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A Fun Weight Loss Plan Is The Best Way To Lose Weight

It is not easy when it comes to dieting and losing weight. Many of the weight loss programs are simply too boring and mostly require strict diet which is hard to implement. You have to give up on some of your favourite food in order to succeed. We certainly need a weight loss program that is fun to implement and it will be the best way to lose weight.

This is the story of Steve Hill. Steve’s weight problems began when his parents started to become vegetarian. This is when Steve is 11 yeas old and he just followed along the parents’ decision. He had no choice as his mother is doing the cooking.

Back then, there are not many vegetarian foods to choose from. Steve didn’t really like the vegetarian food and was missing all the normal food. He would normally hungry after eating and will normally take snacks to make him feel full. With these eating habits, Steve gradually put on weight and people surrounding him did not really talk about his increasing size for a few years.

After his has really grown big, people start to laugh at him and make fun of him. They would tease him at school and after school he will go home feeling depressed. He will then eat and eat to make him feel more comfortable – a form of release which doesn’t help with his shape.

This went on for a few years until one day Steve started to look for ways to start losing weight. He tried many methods including dieting and exercise but all failed. To him, the problem is not with the actual diet, but rather he is not suitable with that kind of diet.

Steve is the kind of person who enjoys doing something to help him moving. And that is the main reason why he always struggling during his schooling days.

A few years ago, on one particular Sunday, Steve went out for drink with a few of his buddies. They were chatting and during the conversation, Steve told them about his desire to lose weight. He further explained that he had not found a single weight loss program that works.

One of his friends, Dave suggested he taking up a sport, a real competitive sport that Steve would enjoy. Steve took a deep thought into his friend’s suggestion and finally decided to go with it.

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Steve asked Dave if he will play tennis for three to four times a week with him. Dave thinks that this may be too much as he is currently playing football twice a week. In order not t disappoint Steve, Dave in return ask Steve in join his football game. And Steve agreed to it.

After the drinking session, Steve was rather drunk but at the mean time, he felt good as now he had a plan to start losing weight. This will not be a shot tem plan. Steve needs to exercise over a period of time in order to see the permanent effects of losing weight.

With this exercise plan, Steve will also be able to enjoy his favourite food without the need to diet. It took quite a while for Steve to achieve his weight loss goal. He is alright with it as he is happy and having lots of fun on his way to losing weight.

Having enjoyed his football, Steve now also plays tennis and other sports. For him, engaging sports is simply the best way to lose weight and having fun along the way.

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