8 Suggestions For Staying True To Your Workout Routine

Whether it is because of a New Year’s resolution or something your doctor told you had to be done, deciding to start a workout regimen is a big decision.

After all, you are going to start carving time out of your busy day to go to the gym or pull out the treadmill and get moving. This is a great decision to make for your health and appearance, but you probably already know that it will be difficult to stick with.

Here are some tips you can use to help you turn working out into a normal part of your day for the rest of your life.

Tip 1 – Be Prepared At All Times

You are going to be looking for excuses as to why you should not work out. You are going to be busy. One of the ways to help you overcome your excuses is to be prepared at all times for your workout.

Consider having two exercise bags packed at all times. Have one at work, and leave one in the trunk of your car. This way you always have your gear ready. If you carpool, you can use the work bag. If your work has a workout facility, you can workout on your lunch break without having to run to your car.

If you are working out at home in the morning before work, you can help ensure that you get your workout in by sleeping in your workout clothes. After all, they are comfortable, and then all you will have to do to workout in the morning is throw on your shoes. This gives you less of an opportunity to make excuses as to why you cannot get out of bed and exercise.

Tip 2 – Build Accountability

If you are going to workout in a public location, like a gym or fitness center, find someone to workout with. If you have someone that you know is waiting for you at the gym, you are less likely to skip your workout. Working out with a friend is fun too, and helps keep you motivated to push yourself to the next level of intensity.

Perhaps you do not have a friend that you can meet at the gym to workout. After all, we are all busy. If this is the case, find someone you trust who can hold you accountable to your workout. Ask a trusted friend or family member to check with you from time to time to make sure that you worked out that week or that day. Knowing that someone will ask may keep you motivated.

Tip 3 – Vary Your Routine

Nothing will cause you to burn out faster than repeating the same routine day after day, week after week. Buy an extra workout video or piece of equipment so that you can vary your routine. You need to have some variety so that you do not get bored.

Another reason that varying your workout is important is that it will help you see results faster. Doing the same routine over and over will work the same muscle groups over and over. Adding variety will help ensure that all of the major muscles get a workout, which will lead to faster results. Incorporate some variety into your daily routine as well. Spend 15 minutes on one muscle group, and then 15 minutes on another. This will keep you motivated and help you see results.

Tip 4 – Track Your Progress

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Making goals and tracking them will help you stay motivated as well. Do not necessarily make these weight loss goals, even if your main reason for working out is to lose weight. Instead, make goals you can attain quicker, such as walking a certain distance or beating your previous time for a distance run. This will force you to keep pushing yourself to the next level in your workout, ensuring that you continue to see results.

Tip 5 – Do Something Fun!

Make your exercise something that you enjoy. Do you enjoy being outdoors? Then have your exercise routine include an outdoor walk. Does learning to dance appeal to you? Sign up for a dance class and enjoy a great workout while you learn a new step or two. Whatever you find interesting or fun that also involves being active can be incorporated into your workout regimen.

Tip 6 – Reward Your Efforts

As you start reaching your various goals, reward yourself! You have worked hard and deserve it! However, do not reward yourself with food. Think creatively about things that you would enjoy doing. Perhaps you need a “mom’s night out” away from the kids. Give yourself this as a reward after reaching a predetermined workout goal. A goal could be something as simple as working out three times a week for an entire month, or something you have to strive for, such as increasing the distance you can walk in one hour.

Tip 7 – Consider Hiring A Personal Trainer

If you are really struggling to stay motivated, consider hiring a personal trainer to help you with your workout regimen. This can be expensive, but a trainer will force you to workout accurately. A trainer will also provide you with the accountability you need that you may not be able to find elsewhere. If it keeps you working out and striving for better health, the expense of a trainer is very worthwhile.

Tip 8 – Keep Your Time Consistent

Working out at the same time every day will make it easier to stay consistent. After a few weeks, your workout will simply be part of your routine. If you are going to workout at a gym, consider stopping on your way to or from work. Once you are home and enjoying your family it may be hard to get motivated to go back out and visit the gym.

If you are going to workout at home, try to do it in the morning before you start your day. Get up just 30 minutes earlier to squeeze in a workout. You will be surprised how much energy a good workout will add to your day!

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