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7 Ways To Speed Up Metabolism For Healthy Weight Loss

Most people mistakenly think that metabolic rate is the main obstacle when it comes to weight loss. When it is true that metabolic rate which we were born with helps us to burn calories, slows down when we grow older, still there are ways to increase it also taking the signs of aging into consideration. It is researched that after the age 25 the metabolic rate is slowed down about 5% every decade. Apply the following and simple ways of increasing your metabolic rate effectively for successful weight loss.

1. Do regular workouts
When it seems like simple solution, many people still do not get enough workouts regularly, and then they ask why they burn little calories. Regular exercises such as swimming, dancing, walking or biking will help to increase your metabolic rate and keep it at an increased level even after exercising. Simple workouts can be easily included into your lifestyle. For example, you can climb the stairs instead of using the lift or taking a walk instead of using the car. Working about the house can also significantly increase your metabolic rate.

2. Get the right amount of sleep
Researchers have revealed that a lack of rest and not sufficient amount of sleep affects the way that your body process carbs. This leads to glucose intolerance and can lead to slowed metabolic rate with increased carvings. A lack of sleep also affects the level of energy during the day and makes us do workouts because we are exhausted.

3. Make sure that you eat regularly
Skipping meals is maybe one of the most important thing for a person who follows a diet. As opposed to popular belief, skipping meals decreases metabolic rate making you to burn calories at slower manner than it should be. The body is set into a starvation mode and tries to protect itself and recompense for the lack of nutrition and calories. The body then tries to hold on its current fat supply and will burn muscles instead.

4. Eat enough protein
Protein is important for the body to grow healthy and strong muscles. It is recommended to eat one gram of protein per pound of body weight.

5. Get enough calcium
Research has shown that three – four servings on a regular basis of low-fat dairy products can help the body to burn fat quicker. Calcium is also important for healthy bones.

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6. Drink more green tea
Drinking green tea helps to increase your metabolic rate and will also increase the oxidation of unhealthy fats. Green tea has also other health benefits because it contains great amounts of antioxidants to protect the body from various illnesses.

7. Do not drink too much alcohol

Researches have shown that after drinking alcohol, the body burns fat at a slower rate that it should be. It is considered that alcohol may play a significant role in retaining the body’s natural ability to melt fat.

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