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6 Tips On How To Lose Weight

Gaining extra weight during pregnancy is normal and necessary for the health of the baby. It is important to know if you are putting on weight at a rapid normal pace, and if it is safe for you to try to lose weight at this stage of pregnancy.

Gaining extra weight during pregnancy can be worrying and stressful. Extra weight gained during pregnancy makes you feel unattractive. Pregnant mothers are forced to experience problems such as sagging breasts cellulite and acne. This is an ugly side of pregnancy. All mothers want to look attractive especially after giving birth.

So is it possible to lose weight safely during the 9 months of pregnancy and after it?

Yes! But it should be stressed here that the pregnancy is not the best time to loose weight. The truth is that weight loss during pregnancy without appropriate advice can have different effects on your health and the health of the expected baby.

Developing a habit of healthy eating and regular exercise helps to control weight and also helps the development of the expected baby. If you are pregnant it doesn’t mean that you must eat more. The food you eat must be full of healthy nutrient and not very caloric. Try to avoid fried items and junk food.

The average weight gain during pregnancy, according to medical research is said to be between 25 and 30 pounds – this figure includes the size of the uterus, placenta, increased blood volume of the mother, various fluids and baby. This simply means that the mother should give birth to a baby between 7-8 pounds, which still have to lose 5 pounds or more to get back her pre-pregnancy weight.

Desire is always somewhat difficult to handle and can be a catalyst to gain extra weight. It is always important to find a way to deal with your cravings during and especially after pregnancy. You should try to know what foods are healthy and what can help not to gain and even lose extra weight.

Eat foods low in sugar. It will help you to master your cravings and will also help to keep your blood sugar under control.

Green tea is another thing that can help reduce your whims, it is reportedly better than vitamin C.

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Regular exercise is also advisable at this time, it will also keep you toned and help make your job easier. Swimming is good for everyone, especially for those who are trying to lose weight as buoyancy needs much energy and tone the body. Take long walks if you are pregnant. If you have delivered a baby, you may go for a walk with a pram or simply putting your baby in a sling.

Be active and eat healthy food.

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