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6 Reasons Yoga Benefits Weight Loss

Yoga has gained a great popularity among different physical workouts. It is widely known that yoga is an excellent cure from various disorders from stiff joints to breathing problems. But can yoga really help weight loss?

For a person who wants to get rid of those excess pounds, build muscles and become stronger sitting and meditating can seem strange and it will hardly believe that yoga can promote successful weight loss.

But modern yoga has been changed today. Now you can exercise and sweat when you learn to bring your body and mind in harmony.

Here are some of the ways that yoga can assist you in the weight loss process and enhance your health
1. Vinyasa yoga burns calories
It is also called as “ashtanga yoga” and “flow yoga”. It is physically active form of yoga that helps to increase heart rate and makes your body to burn fat.

Vinyasa yoga comprises from different posses which are called sun salutations.

Vinyasa yoga can be combined with other cardio workouts such as walking for better weight loss results.

2. Yoga helps to bring your body and mind in harmony
When practicing yoga, you are learned to get rid of the distractions that interfere you to listen to your body. When you get in touch with your needs, you can learn to tell the difference between cravings and hunger.
When you will learn about the abilities of your body and mind, you will be able to avoid junk and processed food.

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3. Yoga relieves stress
It is a great way to calm down your mind and relieve stress. When you practice mindful breathing and meditation you can set your body and mind into a calm state. This reduces anxiety and can even reduce stress.

4. Power yoga enhances strength and flexibility.
This type of yoga combines strength training, stretching, cardio workouts and sun salutations. It makes your heart stronger and grows muscles. And as you know muscles are needed to burn excess calories to promote healthy weight loss.

4. Hot yoga promotes temporary and fast weight loss
Hot yoga will make you sweat. It is like regular vinyasa yoga, but it is carried out in hot places, such as sauna or hot room.
5. Yoga makes you mindful
This is the most precious lesson that you can learn from yoga. Yoga helps you to live “in the moment”, focusing on breathing and posture instead of being concerned with your work and family.

This can also be used when it comes to weight loss.
Take your time and stay concentrated on your meal in order to eat less and feel more satisfied.
Yoga can promote successful weight loss plan. You can combine yoga with your regular physical workouts for better effect.

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