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50х50 – A Golden Rule Of An Ideal Figure

50х50 is the golden rule of ideal figure. Sitting on a diet it is important to watch that a food was balanced. Unfortunately, not all diets consider it. Very young girls consider that the most important thing for achievement of desired leanness is to refuse favourite dishes, meetings with girlfriends behind a cup of coffee with a cake and to buy floor scales. Really it is impossible to avoid similar victims.
The situation looks so: a usual food is at the bottom of excess weight occurrence and diets lead to depressions, the general weakness and irritability. The vicious circle turns out. Keeping to a diet we refuse bread, it leads to that the organism has deficiency of vitamin В1 and gland that adversely affects on health. Such examples it is possible to result set. And is there a way to find symmetry and to keep thus health?

Let’s analyse a situation. On the statistican Ukrainians live for 8 years of less Poles and for 12 years of less Europeans. What is the reason? All the matter is that are essential differences in culture of a food. For example, for us salad is a dish from boiled vegetables, meat and the fish, filled with a mayonnaise considerable quantity.

50 % from a dinner and a supper should make vegetables.

Is really fresh vegetables are a way to longevity? After all at fresh vegetables there are all necessary vitamins and microcells which are acquired much better purchased tablets and capsules. Also vegetables are a source of the cellulose protecting an organism from toxins and slags. If harmful substances collect, it can become the reason of deterioration of health and a chronic poisoning of an organism.

Salads from fresh vegetables help to keep health and to lose superfluous kgs. Vegetables fill useful space in a stomach and thus they are low-calorie. The cellulose in a digestive path inflates, and at the expense of it the pleasant sensation of satiety is created. Use a following rule: if it would be desirable something tasty, eat, but add as much fresh vegetables. In this case to limit yourself is much easier: to eat superfluous simply it will not turn out. Certainly, it is not necessary to jam cakes vegetable salads …

The advantage of fresh vegetables and fruit is indisputable, but it is important also that they didn’t contain some pesticides, nitrates and other harmful substances. Vegetables and fruit pass careful control in the majority of large shops. In sale vegetables on which all necessary documents on check on toxins (mercury, lead, arsenic), radio nuclides, pesticides and nitrates are applied arrive only. At many restaurants use only the vegetables which grown up to order and have passed the tender for conformity to the quality standards.

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It is better if there is a possibility to use in food the vegetables grown up on a summer residence or bought in reliable, checked up places.

It is really surprising that right now we live in the world where information quickly enhances the quality of our life. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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