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5 Things You Should Know About Green Tea & Dieting

Green tea has been known for its great curing qualities. Recently modern scientists proved that antioxidants contained in green tea can prevent cancer and various diseases, enhance immune system, make your skin healthier and improve focus and mental work.

But these studies have disclosed more other things about green tea. The things that you can be interested in if you want to lose extra weight. So, let’s look at them.

5. Green Tea Boosts Endurance and Helps You Stay Active Longer
It is a well-known fact that dieting is not effective if you do not combine it with some exercise sessions. This is because physical exercises help to burn calories and grow muscles, which increases your metabolic rate and leads to quicker weight loss.

Antioxidants in green tea promote the use of fatty acids by liver and muscle tissue. It eliminates the rate that carbs are used and boosts endurance when allowing for longer workout sessions.

4. Switching to Green Tea Leads to Calorie Reduction
Do you want to do something smart? Stop drinking coffee and soft drinks, drink green tea instead. If you are afraid that you will lose caffeine doze that you can every morning from your favourite coffee, it is in vain. Green tea includes enough caffeine and no calories.

Many people add sugar and creams which supply them even with more calories. I think that there is no need to tell you about soft drinks. Drink green tea and you will get the right amount of antioxidants required when simultaneously melting the calories and sugar.

3. Green Tea Helps Reduce Those Cravings
The researches showed that the rats injected with green tea ate less calories than other rats. I think you can imagine how helpful it can be for you if you are really concerned with your weight. Drinking green tea regularly will reduce your appetite.

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2. Green Tea Boosts Your Metabolic Rate
An antioxidant in green tea that is called EGCG together with caffeine is useful for central nervous system and makes fat to be discharged into the blood stream and used as a fuel for your body. This process is called “thermogenesis” and it increases metabolism greatly.

Caffeine can stimulate your metabolism in this way, but researches have made a conclusion that mixed ingredients in green tea are more effective than just caffeine alone.
1. Green Tea Burns Fat
Green tea has an ability to stimulate the metabolic rate and makes your body burn calories quicker.

Now you know five things that are useful for every person who wants to lose weight with the help of green tea. However it is not recommended to concentrate on just drinking green tea, for effective weight loss you should combine proper dieting, good exercising and green tea. This is the best way to lose weight.

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