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3 Important Components For Your Weight Loss Success, Learn Them Today And Start Losing Weight Tomorrow

Weight loss process can be not as difficult as you may think. Actually, you can start losing about 3 – 4 lbs a week. Do let those attractive taglines that states “lose 15 lbs in one week” fool you. It is unnatural and you will burn fat shedding that much that fast. You will cause more harm to your metabolic rate and your body. In the first week of any diet, you will see an average loss in weight. This will lose water mainly and your body will be adjusting to the changes.

Just to tell exactly, the term “diet” will not be used in this article, because this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. Do not get afraid, these are easy and basic changes that you can make to flow successfully.

There are three main components to weight loss that everybody should know. Using these together will increase the fat that you burn and enhance your overall figure. Every of these components affect your body directly and that is why they should be used together. The first component is cardio workouts.

Cardio alone is not enough to shed those extra pounds. Though, it balances your effort. Cardio will also supply you with more energy throughout the day and will lift your spirit and makes you feel good about yourself. Cardio should not be overlooked and should always be a part of any workout regime.

Resistance workouts will make up 30% of the overall weight loss process. You should understand that the more muscle tissue you build, the more calories per day your body needs to keep that muscle. Bear in mind, you just need to build lean muscle. If you do not lift weights or do resistance weight training; your muscles are not lean. You can start with low weight exercises, with higher repetitions. In such a way your muscles will burn calories and will become lean. The last component to effective weight loss is your eating habits.

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Healthy food options include 50% of your weight loss success. Your body should account for every calorie that you consume. That is why your meals makes up such a big portion of these three main components described in this article. An average person will burn about 1500 – 2000 calories per day. It is called your basal metabolic rate and this is the minimum that your body needs to survive. This does not include the workouts that you are doing during the day. Significantly, if you consume 2000 calories per day, do regular cardio workouts, resistance weight training. You will definitely lose weight. It is easy. And there is also the fourth component.

The first three components are the main blocks of any healthy lifestyle. But there is one more thing that you should do to make your weight loss process even more successful.

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