Weight Loss

20 Ways To Lose Weight

1. Take one step at a time
Start paying attention to what you consume. Reduce fat and sweets and eat more fruits and vegetables. Then, intensify your physical activities. If you do not like sweating in the gym, try to do physical exercises for 15 minutes a day first, then a ½ hour. Bear in mind that when you exercising you are melting more calories and not eating. Also, after that, it will be easier if you choose physical workouts that you like.

2. Find a friend
It is always wonderful to have support when you try to lose weight. Find a friend who wishes to lose weight and compare notes. You can have even a weight loss contest.

3. Use weights
Exercises weights will build muscle and boost your metabolic rate. Also, muscle takes up less space than fat so your body will be smaller, but perhaps weight more.

4. Consume fewer carbs
Don’t consume as much pasta and bread and you will see a difference.

5. Set a goal
Set a deadline to lose the weight and write it down. For instance, By Feb 16/05 you are going to weigh 140 lbs. Put it somewhere you will see it every day.

6. Give up soda
If you drink soda or 2 a day you add empty calories. If it is difficult for you to stop at once, eliminate the amounts of consumption and then drink just water.

7. Boil or Grill
Avoid grill, fried meat and use lots of spices. You will get used to it and probably enjoy it more.

8. Don’t eat junk food
When you go shopping, you’d better it something and you will be less likely to buy junk food. Keep your home ‘junk food free’ so you won’t grab something.

9. Do not skip your breakfast
Eat most of your calories early in the morning and always eat breakfast. If you don’t eat after 8pm, you will have better rest and will you avoid those extra calories.

10. Give yourself a treat
When you deprive yourself of something then you want it more. Give yourself a treat once a day (a half of a bar of chocolate) and you won’t feel you are deprived of something.

11. Use small plates
You can treat yourself eating from smaller plates.
12. Drink lots of water
Drink water if you feel hungry and you will get that feeling of fullness.

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13. Do not eat everything on your plate
Very often we eat food just because it is left on the plate. Pay attention to when you have had enough.

14. Eat 5 – 6 meals per day
If you eat more frequently, you will not be hungry. The portions should be small.

15. Plan your workout sessions
Register your workout sessions in your planner.

16. Stay away from fad diets
Fad diets do not work. If you lose pounds fast there are chances that you will gain it back so quickly. It takes time to put pounds on and it takes also time to shed them.

17. Do some physical exercises per day
When you are watching TV you can do some physical workouts.

18. Measure your food
If you want to have junk food for a snack, take control of what you eat.

19. Keep vegetables in your fridge
You can get rid of those cravings if you have vegetables in your fridge.

20. Create Good Habits
It is a well-known fact that if you want something to become a habit, you should do it 21 times. Make good eating habits.

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